7 Skin Pack

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7.Skin.Pack.win8 7 Skin Pack

Transform Windows 8 to 7

Download from Skin Pack:
X64:download 7 Skin Pack
X86:download 7 Skin Pack

Download from DeviantArt:
X64:download 7 Skin Pack
X86:download 7 Skin Pack


For WinXP: Download

Note : Skin Packs installer have easy and safe install option , Please unistall old or other version of skin packs before install new version. Before install close all runnig program , after finish restart your system.

Windows 8 – [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version]

Programs & Creadits:

Resource Hacker 3.6 by angus johnson


Moveex 1.0 by Alexander Frink


Start menu by Startisback


Theme by xXiNightXx


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33 thoughts on “7 Skin Pack

  1. I got a few questions 1.Does it need the Uxthemepatcher? 2.Does it support windows 8.1? 3.Will i get problems on my computer if i install(my pc is windows 8) ?

  2. I am using 8.1.After Installing skin pack, explorer keep on blinking.I can not able to access anything except task manger. Even in task manager, process are refreshing less than a second. not able to close any task. Please help me

  3. heyy my os …that is win 8 ..is restarting and flashing black screens after i installed these themes !! any idea bro ..!! plzz help me out.. iwanna run these thems on my pc
    :) :)

  4. Someone finally created Windows 7 Aero Glass rounded corners theme.


    “..This theme has been redesigned to fit in with the style of windows 8 with squared off borders, buttons, and controls (Also Rounded).

    It works well with the Aero blur tool and startisback Start menu re-implementation.

    This theme includes all Windows 7 Themes; Architecture, Characters, Lanscapes, Nature, Scenes, & United states. (Includes Wallpapers, SoundSchemes, & Cursors).”


  5. Please round the edges of all windows
    in this skin pack,
    like in Windows 7 ! ! ! !

    Square edges of all windows look hard and unnatural..

    This skin pack rocks!!


  6. Hi!! great work…though need some improvements… I like your CRYSTAL SKIN for win7..plz mod that for win8 as well. I feel that Cryatal Skin is your best skin that I’ve ever used. Please make that skin available for windows8 …Thanx :)

          1. i have a problem. .
            i can fix it. .
            After installing skinpack 8.1 my computer doesn’t on
            doesn’t start
            i can see starting windows but it doesn’t start

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