HUD Blue Skin Pack

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hudblue HUD Blue Skin Pack

Transform Windows 7 to HUD-Blue

Download offline installer:
X64: Download
X86: Download

Download online installer
X64: Download
X86: Download

Note : Skin Packs installer have easy and safe install option , Please unistall old or other version of skin packs before install new version. Before install close all runnig program , after finish restart your system.

Windows 7 , Windows 7 SP1 – [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version]
For windows 7 starter and home basic first need to patch and Unlock Aero effect from here

Programs & Creadits:

All Creadit By MR.GRIM

Resource Hacker 3.6 by angus johnson

Moveex 1.0 by Alexander Frink

RocketDock 1.3.5 by PunkSoftware

Download FreeZip

112 thoughts on “HUD Blue Skin Pack

  1. Help after instal and restart my bureau is black screnn i can only open help with f1 to go in my web explorateur i don’t can go in my config tab and open nothing help i am in win 8 *32

  2. Awesome theme. Only complaint I have is some input text boxes, like Yahoo, is black bg with dark grey font. Little hard to see. Can i change this? Set in options on browser to “Not allow pages to choose their own colors” and this improved the scheme alittle, but still have a black bg and grey text in search boxes and input boxes.

  3. wy are all off the skin packs mesing up all of a suden becos thare are a lot of skins that i did have and now i wont them ugen and nun of them werk enymore google chrome wont let me dowload it now becajse it evan nows it will mest up my computer and onets i downloadid a skin pack and it werked on my laptop but my friends desctop broke a he had to reinstall windows because it compleetly crasht his computer

  4. i have trouble to see icons in folder cause of black background , I like skin so much i don’t want to uninstall it so any way to change only folder background

  5. sir how can i fix it? even the microsoft word is affected by this skin.. the white background of the document turns into black.. i dont want to uninstall this skin but i want to solved that problem.. thanls

  6. after installing i’m not getting full features. theme is like windows 2000. i’m running win 7 ultimate x64. can you tell me how to fix?

  7. I have windows 8 I downloaded this skin pack and when i restarted it and and it when i put in my password it show a black screen with the curser just black screen

  8. i think this theme look so awesome and i want to use it but i had use Lion UX Pack . should i uninstall it ? and aa i had change my boot animation , should i change to it default boot animation ? and is this thing safe ? hahahahaha

  9. this skin have a sound when you minimize a window and this is too loud. May i down the sound’s volume?
    great skin anyway!

  10. I read in the FAQ that some skins may or may not have troubles with the anti-virus, do you know if this skin has problems with avast?

  11. I downloaded this thing and right after I downloaded it I reboot and now it wont load my faceobok or anything help!

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