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Note: Anti Virus apps cannot correctly distinguish between apps that modify Windows system files with the user's consent and apps that maliciously modify the files.

If your theme not changed or its like classic windows you need to install uxtheme patcher from here and after restart select new theme from personalization.

I get a malware, virus, spyware, trojan warning.
This is triggered due to the installer. Unfortunately to provide apps for free (not for pay version), we have to advertise about other free apps in the installer, which can be optionally installed by clicking Agree in the installer. When the installer offers you other apps, just read and click Decline or Skip for anything you don't want. Also if you see security error on chrome just click on Details and then click on visit this site or try other browser.
I cannot open the download file.
Disable your anti-virus app temporarily and try again.
I see a blank screen after the login screen, the taskbar and desktop icons is absent.
Press Control + Shift + Escape. The Task Manager will open. Click File -> Run new task. Click Browse. Type %windir%\system32 in the File name: textbox and press Enter.Right-click cmd.exe and click Run as administrator. Type sfc /scannow in the window that appears and press Enter. Restart. The app you're using may have been superseded by SkinPack which has excellent stability and very less likely to cause errors.
SkinPack make changes to your system files, SkinPack works that way! It modifies your system files to change icons. If you do not want this, you can not use SkinPack, sorry! SkinPack will modify system files like imageres.dll to change icons and antivirus dont permission to do that! Modifying system files and changing system configuration may get reported as malware by some antivirus software. You need to temporary turn-off antivirus software so that program won't be interfered during installation/uninstallation.
If you feel insecurity with this, you can consider ThemePack as it doesn't involve modifying system files.
If you can’t login to your PC after installing SkinPack, something in your system is conflicting with the pack. Try uninstalling it from Safe-Mode by running “uninst.exe” in “C:\SkinPack\”. Or from Windows Recovery (for power users) by running “uicons.exe” in “C:\SkinPack\”. And if you’re only getting black screen, please follow this steps:
1. Boot Windows normally until you see black screen.
2. Open task manager by either holding CTRL+SHIFT and hit ESC or holding ALT+CTRL and hit DELETE then choose task manager.
3. Click on ‘File’ menu and select ‘Run new task’
4. Click ‘Browse…’ and select file ‘C:\SkinPack\uninst.exe’.
5. Click ‘Open’ and then ‘OK’ to run uninstaller.
6. After finishing uninstallation, reboot and install fixed build again.
If you can’t open task manager at all, it’s probably not caused by error with explorerframe.dll file. There’re many kinds of mysterious black screen problems so it’s hard to track them all. Please try using recovery to repair your computer instead by following this guide. after uninstall if your icons not back to normal then you need to refresh icon cache. If you cant find uninstaller you can download it from here.

Every time I try to install or uninstall your application the monitor remains black after the restart. How can I fix this?
Fast Startup/FastBoot is the problem. 1) disable Fast Startup, 2) shut down (do not restart), 3) boot up, 4) Is this too late, only a repair installation (inplace upgrade) or a complete new installation helps.

The pack I choose to install messed up my system beyond repair, what should I do now?
You’ve been advised in the download page to Create a Restore Point, so when such a rare thing happens, you can easily Restore your System to the pre-installation status. We’re not responsible if you choose not to take such a precaution. 
please read our Terms of Service page.



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    may computer has not show the display after install skinpacks just login further no display show

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    for the life of me I cant get this to work

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    hii i was using windows 10 skin pack on windows xp on first time i liked it very much . so i reinstalled window 10 skin pack on windows xp but one this time it give me a error message that the start menu is not there type the correct name and error and windows xp is transformed into windows 10 i tried again two or three but no changes so after that i tried to reinstall my operating system same no changes plz plz help me !!!!!

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    Rajesh Mandal

    It’s very good.Thank’s………..

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    Haseensha Shareef

    skinpack is not showing in control panel please help

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    i have downloaded angry birds skin pack from here. here shows folder’s background will become blue after install it, but here icons and wallpaper only changed, i have install UX theme patcher also. please give me a solution

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    Internet Connection Erorr

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    Jemmri Andrew

    i cant remember the installation password

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    Luan Ecker

    onde eu encontro a senha ?

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    Why every time I download to the theme are 1.5M only??

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      its have download manager

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    Kailas Sachdev

    can you help me how to add new apps in new gen startmenu


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