10 years after the original reveal of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games took to the stage of The Game Awards 2023 today to announce the studio’s next major chapter. Titled Light No Fire, it will be a brand-new multiplayer survival experience set on an actual planet-sized sandbox. Watch the announcement trailer above.

Instead of an entire universe to explore, the ambitious entry will get players from all over the world to explore and survive in a procedurally generated fantasy Earth. It is described as a “truly open world, with no boundaries, at a scale never attempted before.” It’s currently unclear how will the co-op multiplayer will work exactly, and if every player will be exploring the same planet.

Judging from the trailer, the game engine used by Light No Fire seems to be the same versatile set of tools that made the universe of No Man’s Sky. The trailer shows off fantastical creatures like dragon-like mounts and rabbit people, as well as base building, boss fights, an NPC village, and some mysterious artifacts.

On stage at The Game Awards, Hello Games founder Sean Murray said a small team has been working on this project for the last five years. Here’s a handy list of features from the game:

A Multiplayer Earth
Carve a life together. Meet players from across the globe, build a life, explore and survive together. Construct persistent buildings and communities, or strike out alone to discover the world for others.

A Procedural Earth
A truly open world, with no boundaries, at a scale never attempted before. A massively varied and dense planet filled with immersive biomes, unique enemies and valuable resources to discover.

A Fantasy Earth
Light No Fire presents you with an ancient earth to uncover. One where you’re not the hero. Thick with lore, mystery and a constant fight for survival. Inspired by the adventure, charm and imagination that we love from classic fantasy.

An Unexplored Earth
Every mountain can be climbed, and below them lie endless vistas, oceans and continents perhaps no others have seen. Who will climb the tallest mountains, who will find the deepest sea? Set sail across vast oceans and rivers, ride wild beasts through fantastical landscapes, fly dragons over undiscovered landscapes.



Light No Fire does not have a release date nor launch platforms attached to the project yet.


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