In an effort to offer parents a better way to keep track of the academic progress of their children, Microsoft has added a new School Connection feature for its Teams for Education service.

In a blog post, Microsoft goes into detail about School Connection, which is designed specifically for smartphone use for students in grades K-12. The feature lets parents of school children, or their guardians, view their kids’s upcoming assignments at school. They can see which assignments are due, which have already been turned in by their kids, and any assignments that might be past due to be turned in.

For parents and guardians with more than one child in school, the new School Connection feature can let those parents keep track of all of their kids’ academic activities and progress, even if they attend different schools and are in different grades.

Microsoft added:

On the Teams mobile app , see monthly trends in a learner’s digital activity, reading progress, and assignment turn-ins. By understanding their child’s strengths and areas for improvement, parents can provide targeted support.

Parents who are interested in seeing School Connection supported by their local schools can send the school’s administrators a link from Microsoft to get them started.

At the moment, School Connection is not available in all Microsoft Teams for Education markets, such as in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. Schools in those areas of the world who might be interested in signing up for School Connection can sign up at this site to express their interest.

Microsoft launched the new Teams for Education app in October for Windows and Mac. Since then it added a number of new features in November and early December, including allowing educators to reuse modules and letting teachers get feedback from their students about their assignments.


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