In an academic paper, you must present logic, order, and organization. You might leave your readers disinterested if you leave out any of the components. Many online tools can help you maintain the organization of your text. Here are some of the applications and online tools to help you boost your game.


In case your main objective is to bolster your writing ability, then look no further. The app automatically checks your document for grammar and spelling mistakes. It has a proofreader that will correct you on your diction and style of writing. The online tool also scans for plagiarized content on your paper. Students, content creators, digital marketers, and bloggers can utilize the platform for better results.


By far, the best feature of this tool is how it lets you process notes written by hand as you clip articles on the web. There are numerous ways the app can get used, like writing lectures, listing to-dos, and inputting business receipts. Evernote comes as a free service provider, and you can have access to the limited version free of charge. The tool is similar to most applications like MS Word.

My Custom Essay

Not an app, but you can use it on any device through the browser. The site is simple and great to use. Some certain services will require you to pay a fee. It works on an order basis such that one hires a writer to complete a given task by strictly following your set instructions. It can get useful, especially when writing academic papers, research projects, and essays. They offer affordable costs as most clients are college-goers.


It is an app that lets its users jot essays and scrutinize them. It uses diagrams to follow up on the progress of the job, and it does this by recording the status of the work and the current time. The users can quickly tell the pending, completed, or started work.


It is a note-taking application that provides ideas to its users, especially when it comes to writing emails. Another great feature that this app house is that it can save your notes in the existing database, making it easy for you to get them in time of need.

Focus Writer

If you are a writer, you should not miss out on this as it is among the most sought after applications. The reason is that it can efficiently run stats on its own and can save you the energy of counting your words. There is also a remote interface, multiple themes, many plugins to help you check grammar and spelling. The application is open-source, meaning it is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.


In case you are a writer, and you would want to wow your readers by having an attractive piece or document, get Scribus. It will help you make your writing more comfortable and appealing, especially when you want to jo magazines, posters, ads, or any form of writing that may demand attractiveness. The app also has many features that can help you design your document into a pleasant one. If you are dealing with the editorial side of writing or want to start a blog or journal, this is the application.


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