SkinPacks for Windows XP

Here we just make a collection of our SkinPacks requested by Win XP users!

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MacOS SkinPack

Windows 10 SkinPack

iOS SkinPack

Ubuntu SkinPack

Windows 8.1 SkinPack

Windows 8 SkinPack

Windows 7 SkinPack

Vista SkinPack

Longhorn SkinPack

Light Ubuntu SkinPack

Neon SkinPack

Matrix SkinPack

Alduin SkinPack

Aquanox SkinPack

Area SkinPack

Blue SkinPack

Concave SkinPack

Foton SkinPack

GeniX SkinPack

Inspirat SkinPack

Muin SkinPack

Nature SkinPack

Nite SkinPack

Royale SkinPack

Silver SkinPack

Slan SkinPack

Tener SkinPack

Thallosx SkinPack

Toy SkinPack

Tux SkinPack


  1. 80

    This is Wonderfull Article …i Love it

  2. 79

    Godbye Zetsubou Sensei (SZBH)

    I have a working Windows XP machine now.
    When I tried to download the skin pack, I can only download the dedicated downloader.
    The downloader did not work on XP or Windows 7 32 bit.
    This is terrible.
    They could set up a login setting on the page you view in your browser and let you manage your downloads there.
    The highly-dependent desktop applications are not well-liked in the DTM and DTP industries.

    I’m in despair! I despair of internet culture!

    1. 79.1


      try with chrome or firefox and use vpn or proxy

  3. 78

    rabai fatima

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  4. 77


    skinpack is very good software for xp windows. it can give an extra power to it.

  5. 76


    Great Information sharing .. I am very happy to read this article .. thanks for giving us go through info.Fantastic nice. I appreciate this post.


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