In the present document the privacy policy BodyGuard Antivirus is described, effective in regard to the company applications and websites. BodyGuard Antivirus understands and approves of your determination to protect your personal data. Thus, when receiving any kind of information from end users, personal or commercial, it openly announces that treats the information received using all possible precautions. We are taking measures to secure personal data safety that are corresponding to the present international practice of information handling. These measures include technical and procedural stages that are intended to protect your data from illegal usage, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration, and damage. To identify end users of the products and to ensure the fulfillment of the obligations on their servicing during the subscription terms, or as part of the contractual relations with users, to fulfill mutual obligations, we collect the received information from end users, or partners, if it is the personal information of concrete persons, or commercial, for technical reasons. You, on your own, can decide if to continue or cease the operations, for carrying out of which you need to give your personal data. Remember that if you don’t want to give some required data, then in a number of cases, it’ll be impossible to carry out the requested operation. 

Information Received from Users 
When you place an order for our products, or request a service, communicate with us or carry out other operations on our website, then you may be needed to enter the data necessary to carry out this or that operation, that is your name, surname, address and credit card number. To get the correct results we use the personal data for the following aims:

To create the materials helpful to you;
To notify you about viruses;
To inform you about updates and new products, services, to send you information bulletins and letters, and also to do research, necessary to create new products and improve the existing ones;
To create new products and services.
To give you an opportunity to buy and download the products, to get access to the services and carry out other actions.
BodyGuard Antivirus, having received the indicated information from users, implies that this information is given voluntarily and subject to this statement. Besides, at the moment you upload files to our server, for online check up, the contents of the file can be tapped and read by third parties, without our knowledge. Not only the uploaded file will be at our disposal, but the path to the file on the user’s computer as well. BodyGuard Antivirus is not responsible for information found in the files, which are uploaded by users to check for viruses, to our web resources, meaning that users carry out such actions deliberately. Your personal data given to us can be transferred to our foreign departments. Besides, in some countries our outside contractors can collect, handle and store your data. All information received from clients is accessible to a limited number of the employees, who analyze and handle suspicious files and is not given to any third parties under any circumstances.

Attention! We can give your personal data to authorities or law enforcement agencies in cases specified by law.

We have a right to trace domain names, IP addresses and browser data of the users who visit our websites. These data are used for statistics, or can be used to secure safety and control of the observance of the rules of program products licensing. Take into consideration that all information you discuss and pass on the forum is public and won’t be handled as confidential. This information can be used or collected by other users. 

Access to the Text of the Statement 
We update our privacy policy on a regular basis, without prior notification, thus we recommend you to check periodically alterations that take place here. We always can give you explanations on the following things: What data we trace and use, store and collect, whom these data can be transferred, how inaccuracies in your personal data can be corrected by you. You can contact us via the addresses indicated in the lower part of the page.   


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