Mavericks Skin Pack


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Transform Windows 7 to Mac OS X Mavericks


Win8: Download

WinXP: Download

Windows 7/SP1 [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version]

RocketDock 1.3.5 by Punk Labs
Xwidget 1.5 & XLaunchPad 1.0.7 by Xwidgetsoft


Version 3.0
Added both of Win8 and Win7 installer in one installer
Added last version of uxstyle
Added theme resource changer
Change logon screen with registry
Change icons and theme without restart system
Enable aero in windows basic
Updated XWidget to Version: 1.90
Updated XLaunchpad to Version: 1.09
Updated icons and styles
Fixed bugs and problems
Remove riscky files

Vesrion 2.0
Added both of X86 and X64 installer in one installer
Updated icons and styles
Fixed bugs and problems

Version 1.0
-Initial release



193 thoughts on “Mavericks Skin Pack

  1. I just downloaded if last night and it worked perfectly but when I logged of my PC and restarted it rocket dock was not working so I just uninstalled and reinstalled the skin pack and it was working perfectly but I thought that finder bar was missing so I downloaded it from devintart by crazian and it was awesome then I thouht of downloading the win8.1 and win9 theme I installed them but I don’t have .net so the menu and sidebar didn’t work so I uninstalled them and reinstalled osx skin pack but the theme is missing instead I get the windows classic theme

  2. Hi guys, I has a problem with Maverick (or any skin pack). In my right-click menu, the color look yellowish, but everything else (applications, drive, browser, etc.) are normal “white”. I also provide the link at the bottom. This problem is very annoy because I sit at my computer TONS of time and my eyes get tired by seeing different color for a while. I tried to look at google but no help. Please help me because I really LOVE skin pack as it makes my life A LOT better and efficient at the same time. THANKS!

    Link for picture:

  3. it works in certain way, i mean looks like its suposed to look, except that everything else still looking windows classic, i already used uxstyle,, any help?

  4. Hello Admin,
    I’m using Lion Skin Pack… and it’s totally impressive.
    At first, i found a problem that the shortcuts i pinned before install the skin pack are overlapping on the Finder Bar… Thanks goodness that i found a way to solve it by just reading comments above.. :D and i am really appreciate every single reply of yours.

    but i have another prob… i can’t use the keyboard shortcut F5 for refresh … my laptop is Levevo Y… when i press F5 it works as turning Up Volume … instead of Refresh.
    Normally it do the same way when combine with Fn(Function Key), but it’s automaically performing as the volume Up Key..

    Please help me to fix that problem.
    Thank you.

  5. the entries in the top left of the VikingCopy beug. Is it possible to removethe pink background of the text that when you open a menu or application?

  6. @admin. After installing the OS X Mountain Lion’s skin pack it worked awesome. But now after installing the OS X Mavericks’s skin pack and after using it for some time iam unable to connect to my internet can you please give me a solution for that !!

  7. there are so many download buttons and idk which one to click. when i click them, they all come up with different messages. im so confused!

  8. can’t open c:\program files(x86)\mountain lion skin pack\uninst.exe. The file or path doesn’t exist. What to do if i want unistall please help

  9. can’t open c:\program files(x86)\mountain lion skin pack\uninst.exe. The file or path doesn’t exist. What to do if i when unistall

  10. How this skin-pack along with his software takes RAM. Shall assume or whether on a computer 2GB RAM 956mb – free, 1GHz processor intel 2

  11. @admin. After installing the OS X Mountain Lion’s skin pack it worked awesome. But now after installing the OS X Mavericks’s skin pack and after rebooting I cannot access. after signing in a black screen appears and cursor and again automatically it return to sign in.
    I’m using Win 8, Intel’s i3, 32bit, 2GB RAM and 1TB HDD
    Please help me out.. I cannot use my pc !!

  12. after install in my window7, i can’t start up… PLEASE WAIT…. BLANK…. PLEASE WAIT BLANK…. after i uninstal mavericks packs it’s same too.. please help….

  13. i did’nt uninstall the previous skin pack (ios6) and installed mavericks skin pack on it now my windows does’nt open up it just shows black screen… while using safe mode with cmd prompt too i cant open my computer folder it says check strax.exe…… please help asap

  14. XP User don’t install the User32.dll

    It cause blue screen

    with message

    STOP: c00021a unknown hard error

    why i konw this:

    I am Win7 User so nothing happen on my computer.

    Then I suggest this theme to my friend and he got blue screen (feel guilty to him= =)

    So I try to finger out which dll cause error

    I install the theme in Vmware

    And install the dll one by one (many times, orz~)

    finally I found the user32.dll (only this, i tried all)

    please fix the problem

  15. My taskbar and windows look like windows classic :/ Any idea on how to fix this I really like this pack and want to get the most out of it

  16. Hi author, this skin is beautiful and I love it but when installation is done, it’s works but I see some errors in the Taskbar. It don’t fit between icon and the words (ex. File,…) its equal to I can’t click on it. Can You repair it.

  17. Have tried disabling Aero with Classic Shell but the finderbar is still not readable sometimes. Yes I have unpin programs, skin it, etc. but it still look like the masking is wrong with white background and dots. Pls. help. Is there any other way to disable aero or?

  18. Great job guys, quick question, is there any way to make work like when you minimize something it will go to the dock and not to the toolbar ?


  19. I ever install the last version and uninstall them. When I restart my pc, Finally my accounts its only black and all you can see is the cursor. Please fix this thanks

      1. could you please help me with the finder? it overlaps the taskbar and the text looses the quality. everything works perfect except for the finer

  20. hello there…..
    i still have one problem…..
    sometimes i cant connect wireless using your theme….
    when i uninstall it and used original window 7, this problem was solved.
    do you have any idea why this happened? i really love your theme, so hopefully u can solve this :)

  21. When i try to play minecraft i cant it is complicated because it is flipped whenever i wanna quit i have to move my cursor all the way somewhere elese where it is can you Please fix this?

    Thank You :)

  22. I just recently downloaded this for windows 7 and installed it and everything but when I log into my account its only black and all you can see is the cursor???????? Help????

  23. Ok Finderbar will not get rid of squares with dots behind it in the menu of the bar. Any solution? Doesn’t help to do a lot of skin it.

      1. Have done that, I’m used to Finderbar since W7 but this is different, White Squares with dots behind the text which sometimes disappear, guess it’s the click squaresm and the text in the menus on the bar is barely readable

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