Windows 10 Skin Pack

Transform Windows 8/8.1/7 to Windows 10

Windows XP users can download this SkinPack from here


Windows 8/8.1/7/SP1 [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version]


StartMenu by ReviverSoft –
MetroSidebar 1.0 by Amine Dries –
ImmersiveExplorer 1.0.8 by julien malici –


Version 5.0
Added new icons from BUILD 10036
Added new live folder
Added new login
Update sidebar
Update explorer

Version 4.0
Added new color themes
Added new icons

Version 3.0
Added new theme
Added new wallpaper

Version 2.0
-Added new icons

Version 1.0
-Initial release

Note : Skin Packs installer have easy and safe install option , Please unistall old or other version of skin packs before install new one.

if your theme not changed you need to install uxtheme patcher from here

For windows 7 starter and home basic first need to patch and Unlock Aero effect from here

System requirements:
Installed Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5
Processor: 1 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 Mb of RAM or higher

Windows 7 Skin Pack

Windows 8.1 Skin Pack | New! – Support Win7

windows 10 skin packWindows 10 Skin Pack | New! – Support Win7/8/8.1

Windows Longhorn Skin Pack | New! – Support Win7/8/8.1

Windows Vista Skin Pack | New! – Support Win7/8/8.1

Windows XP Skin Pack | New! – Support Win7/8/8.1

496 thoughts on “Windows 10 Skin Pack

  1. its, amazing, Start button looks alike of Windows 10……. but explore and start menu required to install .net framework v4.0.3039 , can u tell me…. from where i can download it freely?????

  2. I AGREE THAT AM A COMPUTER NOOB BUT…….. only the start icon hasnt changed.original software is win 7. and this theme is awesome

  3. Hey, all good but i wanna use my own custom start button instead of this can i have a solution …. to use my own one after installing it

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  5. Hello, I have downloaded the Skin Pack but the theme isn’t working as expected and is just showing the windows default please help.

  6. i installed windows 10skin pack after instalation i didnt see the start menu when i updated it igot start menu and my computer but my metro slidebar has stop working why it was happened how can i solve theproblem

  7. Upload it to a filehosting website, because the direct link that are you using they are very low speed download, please upload it to mediafire/mega/letitbit/uploaded or any other file hosting service, is free.
    3,4 KB/s that horrible brothers, please upload it to another file hosting providers.

  8. One problem is the lock screen. It doesn’t show the input box on password-protected computers. Please fix and I will gladly download and install… :D

  9. In the last video the windows are borderless like in Windows 10, but when I installed the skinpack the borders only got a little bit narrower. Did I do something wrong?

  10. What happened. Only black appeared on my screen and a cursor after rebooting. After I entered my password on the lockscreen of Windows 8.1 that’s what happened. Please help me. I don’t know what to do. I can’t fix it. Please help.

  11. In the last videos the windows are borderless like in Windows 10, but when I installed the skinpack the borders only got a little bit narrower. Is there something wrong?

  12. i install the theme on my windows 8.1 pro about 2 weeks ago and during the installation my avast flagged virus but i ignored and went ahead, after the installation and my pc rebooted everything went blank and black expect for the pointer that is still visible i had to reformat my system. but i need this theme, what do i do?

  13. could you please make a borderless black w10 theme for all OS version, i’ve been looking all over the net and I can’t find a good black borderless thme,reaaly appreciate it..thanks in advance

  14. Can i download the start menu only? and whats the link thank you, and by the way can I install only a part of the theme?

    And also Great work guys :)

  15. Everything is alright but
    whenever I install it, the task bars and the toolbars seems to be of win98 which seems odd with ur awsome theme . Now what to do for this
    I use win 7 ultimate

  16. this skin pack disables the animate controls and elements inside windows and animate windows when minimizing and maximising in performance window in computer, will you fix this in the next version as i like to keep those features?

  17. Can’t extract. Using Winrar, just an empty foler is created named Skinpacks…. but there is nothing like .exe file or else inside. The extracting stops in between and just a folder is left. Please can you provide us unzipped file ?

  18. Hey Hamed! Could you create an awesome drop shadow software for win 8.1 x64? Just a plain and simple drop shadow effect, that we could change the values and stuff.

  19. hi, may i confirmed that it takes a lot of ram more than 500mb? my laptop with skin pack windows 8 with no application on has 850mb, after i installed windows 10 skin pack now it has 1.40 gb.

  20. Friend, I have a problem, I use win7 sp1 and I have a corei3 with 3GB. Even so every time that I try to install the 10 skinpack, you do not let me go by of the screen of the license. Normally the old skinspack, like for example SkinPack iOS8 V1.0, if they move in perfect, but the skinspack that compatibility has enough money for win8/8.1/7 and support for x64, x86, they do not let me go by of the screen of the license. For example: SkinPack AndroidL 1,0, SkinPack Numix 1,0, etc.
    Can you help me?

  21. I feel extremely skeptical about this. Will installing a skinpack ruin my computer if I screw up during installation? And would I have to reinstall Windows 8 after uninstalling the skinpack? I don’t want to screw up my computer.

    1. Shut up, this is a theme pack and its not gonna be a real Windows 10. So get outta here. This theme wouldn’t be a windows improvement and a real windows 10. You gotta keep it cool man -.-

  22. On the logon screen, the box that you enter your password, as well as the password that gets typed, are completely invisible. I’m still able to log-in to my desktop though. I’ve only had this problem while the Windows 8.1 and 10 skin packs are in use. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

  23. thank u so mush SP …. after installing windows 10 skin …. ma lap…looking so trendy
    then ….. it will affect ma pc… plz tel me????

  24. i have installed ios theme but i can’t remove it..i have uninstalled it from control panel but the taskbar,mouse,wallpaper,and alot of things stills as it is any help?

  25. I already instaled android L skin pack for my windows 7 basic and working fine, do i have to turn off the windows updates ?

  26. I’ve just created the account to thank you for this awesome theme! I’ve got one request though, could you please tell me if I can make the taskbar transparent and white?
    Thanks again!

  27. Appreciate your work. Is there anyway I can have the normal by default functions keys. and also the ctrl and alt functions are not working by default as well.

    It is for the IOS 8 Skin pack

  28. From where do you get these stunning !deas?
    I’ve to report a problem:
    I downloaded the SkinPack Installer System 9.0 and IconPack Installer System, but when I edited (replaced) the .res files, the installer didn’t changed my icons . Will you mail me answering my questions ? [ ]. Please!!!!

  29. Amazing work for this Win9 themes dudes, but is there a way to custom windows boarder color ? I’d like to make it black or at least a bit darker ;)

  30. hi
    i want to tell you that my antivirus “avast” sey that there is a virus
    and i can’t install it
    what should i do ????

    pls tell me

  31. Everything is fine with Windows 9 theme. Only One problem I’m facing. When I try to add more tiles from Tile store, it keep on saying Connection problem. But, I have working Internet connection. Its 3G. Why I’m getting this? Where is the problem. Please help me.

  32. Win8.1 x64 bit
    While using this skin pack. Windows store and none of the apps from the store run. The error message is ” Can’t run when File Manager is running with administrator privileges. Restart File Manager normally and try again.’
    Hope you fix this soon.

    1. this not a problem with the skin app this is because your user account is the main windows Admin account a standard problem in windows 8.1 create a second admin account and log in with that everything will work

    1. Same problem here, I’m using Skype and this issue makes finding chat windows with new messages very annoyng. The system is Win8.1 Pro. Would be great if this is fixed. thanks in advance! :)

  33. As I have posted previously, it’s fine. But there is one problem only with my Win 64bit SP1 – after re-start of PC the new Win9 “Start” button back to default Win7 button.

  34. Hi! I love this theme since 1.0 but every now have problem with 3.0. I always get the dropper gen alert from Avast when extracting! Redownloaded again and again and every time still the same. Pls help! Thanks!

  35. your windows9 theme is so cool it has been 5 months i am using this theme and will keep using it till i get windows9 itself

    But their are several issues with this theme from stopping it to being perfect

    please watch these photos i am putting a link:

    1) 1st photo shows that i not able to get metro tile options if i right click. I am a talking about the lastest windows 8.1 update they have renewed the option view now they don’t show those options on bottom of the screen rather they show in a more popup viewer just like when we right click on desktop and we get all those options like refreshing, sorting and all.
    After i delete the theme the don’t have this issue any more.

    2)The grey color when i choose folders is very light. Grey color looks good and no color can replace that for windows 9 look but please put some more contrast into that. Because its visible until i have chosen the folder but if click any where else on the screen this grey color turns very fade.

    3) Last and they biggest issue of all. This unwanted stripe looks so bad have a look at the photo

    This is one of the best theme on your website please update it. When can i expect an update? Thanks a lot :0

    1. ok we work on change icons from registry so you need to wait until we finish that, also thanks for report, we will fix it soon, maybe 3 or 4 weeks

  36. I have trouble with extracting files from .zip and .rar files right into my desktop, by this I mean dragging out of window files from that archives. When I do this nothing happens, like dragging files to desktop was forbidden.

    1. you can use freezip:

  37. Hey , I very much like win 9 .But I am worried about the release date and I am waiting for it .But now I have no worries about because I have the skin pack or Windows 9

  38. I have installed two skin packs at once. Now after uninstalling, the icon are not changed. How should I change them?

  39. cant install other sp said need download content from internet, while my pc is connected to internet. help please?

  40. hey this theme doesn’t works on my laptop. After installing this theme my laptop screen goes black and it doesn’t show any thing. Tell me what 2 do?

  41. Since I see so many comments where people are having issues with this skinpack…can you give a detail install guide on what needs to be completed (i.e. uxtheme patcher. etc.) before and what needs to be followed after… if the skinpack causes problems so I don’t end up having to do a bare metal restore on my computer. I have the latest release of Windows 8.1 installed currently. To be fore warned is to be fore armed. Thanks

  42. After installing this, my Windows Explorer Ribbon seems to have disappeared. Do you know how I could go about getting it back? I have a screen capture of the problem here:

    I’d really like to get it back, so if you have any ideas I’d like to hear them!


  43. I have a slight problem with this program. When I downloaded this pack (for windows 7) and installed it, nearly everything worked (such as replacing the icons) but there was this one issue. My default theme would changed to the classic theme and when I changed it back to my default theme, the metroish/clean flat theme (such as taskbar and the windows looks) did not change Please tell me how to fix this.

        1. Do I like e-mail you, if thats the case tell me your e-mail address so that I can e-mail you the screen shot.

  44. hi sir it only appear in left side not on full window as window 8.i m using original win 7 home me to any such softaware like as win 8 metro applications start applications

  45. Please give me the link of boot screen. My boot screen is still the same as Windows 7 boot screen. So, please give me link of boot screen. Thanks.

  46. Hello, i install but the skin is not same as that of the pictures, the taskbar is totally dark and i don’t change the color. (sorry for my bad english)

  47. I have installed windows 9 in Windows 7 64 Bit. success. but my antivirus (avast) should be disabled.

    1. after install skinpack win-9 and restart, windows logon normally. it looks good.
    the desktop screen should show up, right? but the desktop screen and others have disappeared. all white. only pointers are active.
    if avast is active, will disable skinpack-win-9. probably because the virus is considered.

    2. icon does not change at all even though I’ve successfully installed a theme and avast disabled.

    what should I do to install the theme without disabling avast?

    help me .. :)
    thank you

          1. I can’t download it. Google Chrome is not able to open download links and so internet explorer.What next?

  48. When I install this i get windows classic theme. I have installed uxstyle and uninstalled it, and i have even tried that ux extreem patcher. what do i have to do?

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