Mavericks Skin Pack


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Transform Windows 8/8.1 to Mac OS X Mavericks


Win7: Download

WinXP: Download

Windows 8/8.1 [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version]

RocketDock 1.3.5 by Punk Labs
Xwidget 1.5 & XLaunchPad 1.0.7 by Xwidgetsoft


Version 3.0
Added both of Win8 and Win7 installer in one installer
Added last version of uxstyle
Added theme resource changer
Change logon screen with registry
Change icons and theme without restart system
Enable aero in windows basic
Updated XWidget to Version: 1.90
Updated XLaunchpad to Version: 1.09
Updated icons and styles
Fixed bugs and problems
Remove riscky files

Vesrion 2.0
Added both of X86 and X64 installer in one installer
Updated icons and styles
Fixed bugs and problems

Version 1.0
-Initial release



226 thoughts on “Mavericks Skin Pack

  1. In the Finderbar, the Apple logo on the left is gone and there’s an ugly Windows logo which won’t disappear. How can I get the Apple logo back on my Finder bar instead of the Start button?

    Oh, btw, can you update and align the Apple logo properly in the Finder bar? Everything looks good (dock, windows etc except for the simple Apple logo in the Finder bar). I had the Apple logo at first and thought it looked kind of ugly because it isn’t vertically aligned to the center.

  2. I used sfc and it gave me this:

    You must be an administrator running a console session in order to
    use the sfc utility.


  3. HELP! I clicked uninstall on the rocket dock and rebooted my PC but the Icons, font and taskbar icons are still Mavericks style! Please help me get rid of this!

  4. I can’t uninstall the skinpack! I clicked on the Skinpack thing on the rocket dock and clicked Uninstall then I restarted my computer however the folders, fonts and look of the downloads are blue and mac-like instead of Windows 8! Please help me get rid of this!

  5. i just installed and after that my laptop screen totally black since i reboot, and then my laptop doesnt not restore after that till i instal my windows again :(

    1. This is what i do..

      Make a user account, then go on the user account and download from there… then after installing and everything, go back to your main account and your theme will be there!

  6. how come my finderbar look terrible, its overlapping the windows taskbar , and around the font theres just white square looking stuff surrounding it?

  7. i uninstall it except for icons, themes and wallpapers. then i restart my lappy, it still doesn’t look nice.. i go to uninstall menu and i didnt find the uninstall button for it. i tried automatic repair and now my keyboard isnt working. i write all of this from on screen keyboard using only my mouse . help me .

  8. How to uninstall the Mac os mavericks skin pack. I tried uninstalling and now it is blank screen only how should I get back to the original win 8.1 screen

      1. i tried automatic repair and now my keyboard isnt working. i write all of this from on screen keyboard using only my mouse . help me .

  9. from 3-4 days i am trying to get download link but i am unable to find it pls help me
    my internet pack is going to be end so reply soon

  10. k here is the problem i fix long ago.i had the same problem when after uninstall it got blank balck screen .here is the way just shutdown and turn on before the logo comes go to reboot which will reset ur laptop and comes asusual before

  11. I currently have 2 users on my laptop and the problem is when i install this the only user that can log onto after it reboots is the one who used to do the installation… And the other user just shows a black screen with a mouse pointer and not even functioning… Please help regarding this problem … TIA ! :)

  12. I love this pack. It makes Windows 8 look less crappy. I have two problems though. The first is the Finder bar still thinks it’s a taskbar and has my program icons on it. It can still function like the Finder bar, but the icons make it hard to see the buttons. Also the other problem, and this is a big one, I can’t move, copy, paste files in Finder/Explorer, and when I try to make a new folder in Finder it just makes a new folder on the desktop. Can you help?

  13. I tried installing this on Windows 8 and I’ve had serious issues with it, there is only a black screenand nothing else.But Task manager is available and Windows Explorer and control panel won’t run :( Please help me )
    No restore point is available
    Could anyone tell me some other way

    1. the same thing happened to me once and i fixed it. u have to open up task manager and open backup and recovery. open that up and u can recover ur computer but it will erase everything (and ur security) and ur computer will restart and ur computer will start up and all ur programs will be gone and ur computer will be the same way u first got it.

      Note: it happened a couple of months ago to me and it’s hard to find backup and recovery i forgot how i found it, but it will be on a list filled with all your programs

      Note_2: i just turned 12 i fixed when i was 11 and i probably dont remember the whole the thing.

      1. you jsut need to select skinpack restore point from system restore and it will not delet your programs , it just turn back your system before install skinpack , you dont need to run system recovery

  14. Hey thanks for this pack.. One question though, how do you stop the Skin Pack Menu appearing every time I log onto my computer?

  15. Visual Style still unchanged but Icons and Cursors, changed, but I have chosen/checked to install visual style. Any ways to fix this?

  16. my close button, maximize, minimize are stiil the same they are not of mac style..nd the colour theme is also not changing…it seems like only rocketdock and the other apps are installed on windows 8 and i hv cheked all the apps to install…plzz help me…i want it fully transformed

  17. Hello I installed mountain lion theme on win8 64 bit but after two days my taskbar turned back to windows look from mac ones. Your kind help is solicited.

  18. plz help me sir when i am installing ux style software then in second step of installation its showing a error msg “your theme subsystem (e.g. uxtheme.dll, themeui.dll) has been tamperd with. Uxstyle requires these files be restord befor you can continue. check the forums if you need help” plz tell me what should i do…

  19. why does my win8 6it not show the login screen on start up anymore, it shows everything before please help!!

  20. when i m installing ux style 32 bit version den its showing error that ux theme.dll and thumb.dll file missing

  21. i have installed lion skin pack in my os win8 32bit. evey feature is installed correctly but the uper bar means (minimize, cross) is default like windows 8. its not changing like mac why??? i really like this in fact i used skin pack only for this feature plz help me…

  22. I system restored back to right before i did this yet things are the same, im talking like my file image is still the same as it was when the mac skin went in. Please! Tell me how to revert this.

  23. Hi I installed this skin pack, only themes icons and cursor, but after few days…black screen comes, i can only see the cursor, the only way is ctrl + alt + del, log out and TRY log in…after many try you can atlist enter… i tried to uninstall and re install, and tried to format pc too… but same, after few days… happen…any solution? thanks

  24. Links to download aren’t working. Every time I click download, it says redirection, then goes right back to the same page. What should I do????

  25. PLEASE HELP! I originally downloaded the iOS skin pack for windows 8 and it was amazing! I uninstalled and want to install this mountain lion pack but after install it won’t let me download this pack. I’m not sure what to do next! I’ve done all of what options I’ve seen on this site but nothing is working! ANY help here is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  26. I installed Mac Lion Skin Pack 9.0 on windows 8. After reboot, screen went black. I can only open task manager and some programs like remote desktop. I cannot access control panel as it says ‘Class not registered’. Please help, all my thesis data is in the system. I cannot even execute explorer.exe to access it..

  27. help plz i have install this software and after 5 days i have uninstall (Mac OS X Mountain Lion) from control panel and restart the pc but my pc is not start.plz tell me how to start my pc.plz solve my problem.

  28. Hi, I have recently installed this SkinPack and when FinderBar was starting up an error occurred saying:

    Write error in the file Finderbar_Engine.exe. Probably the disk is full

    Please help, this is killing me!

  29. Admin, this is the first major problem I ever have.
    Today I re-installed my windows 8 cause of some problems (I use Advance token manager to re-activate my win 8+office, so I never worry to re-install if something goes wrong).
    When I installed this skin pack. The taskbar didnt change at all and keep staying in win 8 style.How do I fix that?
    I have tried to re-install and choose “use small taskbar button” in properties. But it didn’t work. I get desperated, Now I’m still using this win8-style taskbar. please reply. thx you

    1. first right click in finder bar and exit it then close all programs and unpin all shortcut then run finderbar and rightclick in it and select skinit!

  30. Help! I have recently installed this and everything worked correctly. I then went to go to my Windows Home screen (you can go here if you move your mouse to the bottom left corner of you screen) and noticed an Apple icon. I clicked the icon and saw that it was a start button. I was no longer able to go there because of this so I uninstalled and I am still unable to go there. Is there anyway to fix this?

  31. Thx you admin. So far i didnt find any issue on installing this pack. To be honest, I have installed this Mac skin pack for many times because I needed to uninstall it several times for some reasons. Yes, win7′s mac skin pack and other 7′s skinpacks are still better than this win8′s skinpack. But I really appreciate your great work !!

    Thank you.. could you kindly make the windows 8 bootupdater so that it will really look mac? and the stuffs like battery, wireless in taskbar are sill windows 8s not Macs..

    However.. Thank you.. I’ll always wait for this!!!

  32. Well to be honest I hate windows 8 but only using it your skin packs are compatible regardless how poor kit may be at the moment, which is understandable that you need time to amend and make a better skin pack.

    1. sure we will update that and make it stable alsso in laast version we add a option to create restore point so if people have problem after install or uninstall they can restore windows from boot option

  33. Well if that’s the case then the skin packs rubbish tbh. Windows 7′s lion skin packs better. It changes the ribbon thing. The buttons go into OS X lookalike and windows 8s stays the same!

  34. Good. Thank you. Also skin pack lion for win 8, the ribbon and buttons on the shells don’t wrk. After applying and reinstalling the skin pack etc the shell is still default windows 8.

  35. But it’s better to have it on the website like it used to be. So much better. Can you please sort it. Otherwise it’s very misleading. It’s a better site but needs improving a lot!

          1. My windows 8 sony vaio e series laptop got a black screen after rebooting it after uninstalling this skin pack and its components. i tried to boot it and such many times, it doesnt boot into safe boot either (i tried that all) please someone help me I’d really really appreciate it. !

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