Relaxing in your living room and watching television after a long day of work can be very relaxing. However, do you ever think about styling up the area near your TV or using it as a decoration? Depending on your taste, you can make it the focal point or reduce its appearance using a few tips and tricks. Here are a few suggestions you can use to make your TV area more stylish and modern.


1. Built-in Shelving Surround

Your eyes feel relaxed when watching a TV flanked by shelves with various items. Such items can include books, plants, or art objects that add more color, tone, and personality. This way, you minimize your television’s dominance and instead bring out a richer display.

With built-in shelves around your TV, you can keep miscellaneous items for ease of access. You can as well arrange digital equipment on the shelves around your TV for a decent and clutter-free look. This kind of arrangement makes your living room look less busy and optimized and is a great space saver.

To make your living room feel nice and comfy, search ‘home theatre installation services near me’ to find one close to you. The design works for all types of spaces including limited ones since you only need to use one wall.

2. Floating TV

If you’re the type of person who likes simplicity in the living room, consider mounting your TV on the wall. It frees up more space for decor while bringing out a cleaner look. A floating TV allows you to select the right viewing height based on your living room space.

To complete the look, you can add a floating shelf beneath the television to keep your peripherals. Such could be books, plants, your magazine collection, and more. You can also complete the look by hanging framed art or portraits around your television. A Floating TV is also safer for your kids as it can never fall on them.

Mounting your TV creates a practical and minimalist look allowing you to use the space better. With a floating TV, you can rearrange your living room in a way that suits you. A floating TV can be tilted to the required height or angle, making it easy to watch from any position.

3. Sideboard

Traditionally sideboards have been used in dining rooms for serving buffet-style food. However, they also double up as perfect low-profile centers of entertainment. The space beneath the sideboard can be used to keep game night supplies, movie collections, or additional electronics.

They usually have the right amount of space to house different sizes of televisions. A sideboard usually has a minimized look and is therefore not the focal point of your living room. Rather, the rest of your living area is brought into focus, and the TV remains an accessory. Sideboards don’t always have to be individual pieces of furniture.

They can also be mounted to bring a rustic and contemporary look to your living room. It is a nice simplistic design that fetches an antique look to your living room. Your living room feels less cluttered due to its size, and the classical look makes it more appealing.

4. Off-Center TV Placement

There isn’t a rule saying that your TV has to be at the center of your living room. It makes perfect sense to place the TV elsewhere if you use the living room for conversations. Instead, prioritize having a comfortable living room, then add the TV where it best fits.

Try and use a swivel TV mount as it is a versatile solution to minimize its focus in the living room. The swivel mount also helps you to watch TV from whichever angle you’re at without breaking your neck. You can also move the television to a position where reflection is less instead of having to shut down your curtains.

The swivel TV mount can also be pushed back to the wall when not needed. Placing your TV off center helps the living to feel roomier while increasing the aesthetic value. The living room becomes cozier, making it perfect for great conversations.


Get The Right Arrangement

In the past, TVs were an eyesore in many living rooms, but that is not the case today. Depending on your taste and preference, you can either make it the focal point or not. Open your browser and find home theatre installation services near me. With a bit of creativity, you can find the perfect balance in your living room while maintaining its warmth and coziness.


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