The best kind of educational apps are the ones that make things easy for the student. So, let’s help you find five of them. 

An application can be a vital assistant in the life of a student. Today, over 83% of the teenage audience uses an iPhone in the US alone, so it’s safe to assume they need writing assistance every now and then. 

This article will explore a few vital applications that can help students advance in their educational goals. So, let’s get started. 

What Defines an Educational App?

Educational mobile apps are becoming a popular way for students to learn and study on the go. These apps allow them to access online study platforms like and learn anytime and anywhere without worrying about carrying heavy textbooks or notes. It features a comprehensive directory of teachers and instructors who offer lessons in different areas, such as music, dance, fitness, sports, art, cooking, languages, academic subjects, and more.

There are many different types of educational apps for students. Some of the most popular ones are those that offer flashcards, vocabulary builders, and practice tests. These can be especially helpful for students who need help in certain subjects or extra practice to prepare for tests.

However, the primary attributes of such an application will include:

  • Edit or change rich text files;
  • Ability to find plagiarism;
  • Paraphrase content or alter content tone;
  • Check and correct grammar;
  • Summarize content. 

These are some of the common aspects found in various educational applications. In today’s world, there are a lot of educational mobile phone apps that are available to students. These applications can be found on both Apple’s Appstore and Google’s Play Store.

Importance Of Educational Apps 

The importance of educational apps in today’s academic scenario is undeniable. A lot of student activity relies on technology today. So, there’s no wonder there are apps to help with it. Here are three main things that they help with: 

  • Efficiency 

The efficiency of studies is one of the key concerns of both teachers and parents. When used correctly, mobile phone apps can be extremely helpful to a student. And the apps we’ll discuss today prove that they can increase efficiency by a good margin.

  • Productivity

When mobile phones were around during studies, productivity or getting things done wasn’t the first thing anyone thought of a few years ago. However, they are one of the premier elements of increasing the said efficiency. 

  • Eases the Tasks 

Whether removing plagiarism, altering content tones, or correcting grammar, education apps can ease the said tasks quite effortlessly. This factor can help a student save time and work a lot more flawlessly. 

5 Best Educational Apps on iOS 

The best educational apps ease all the things that we mentioned above. Bearing that in mind, we scoured the internet to find such apps for iOS since a lot of students use iPhones, iPads, etc. These apps on iOS Appstore will help you advance in education properly. Here they are:

  • EditPad – Text Editor 

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EditPad has become one of the dependable names in content-related apps and tools. So, there’s no wonder this application from this provider has made the top of our list. The text editor offered by EditPad offers two modes:

  • Simple text editor
  • Rich text editor

Both these modes can be accessed once you install the app from Appstore.  

So, why should a student use it for educational purposes?

  • It allows you to create and edit documents on the go;
  • It has rich-text editing elements;
  • It offers you to add media, like images, etc.
  • Set or change text alignments;

Not only that, but it’s also exceedingly quick and takes up only around 23MB of space on your storage. And, if you’re looking to use the same app on your mac, then you can try the web version of Editpad’s text editor:

These factors make it an ideal editor for both iOS and Mac users. 

  • PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker


PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism checker is next up on our list. As the name suggests, this remarkable tool helps you find plagiarism and analyze it in a whiff. Offering a unique UI design, the tool requires you to sign up once you download it on your iOS device.

The tool analyzes various databases online, besides just search engines, to help you thoroughly scan your content for duplicity. You can scan a thousand words at a time. On top of that, it also offers applications on iPhone, iPad, and macOS. This makes it a lot more convenient for desktop and mobile phone users.

However, if you’re not keen on using the app version on Desktop, you can always use the web version of prepostsoe’s plagiarism checker.

This makes it an ideal plagiarism checker for students and allows them to ensure the originality of their text. 

  • Paraphrasing Tool – AI Based


Paraphrasing Tool is another stellar application for students, as paraphrasing is one of the key aspects of the educational process. While teaching how to retain information, teachers ask younger students to write content in their own words through paraphrasing.

However, paraphrasing has a lot more purposes, like removing plagiarism, altering content tones, fixing flow issues, and improving the content’s delivery. That’s something this tool thoroughly tends to:

Allowing you to rewrite 50000-characters at a time, the tool also offers three content modes, two of which are free. And once again, if you’re not keen on using the App version on your Mac device, here’s the web version of paraphrasing tool:

And regardless of the version you use, it can help you advance in your studies with its various helpful features. 

  • Grammar Checker AI


Grammar Check AI app ensures you don’t have to worry about one of the most irritating matters of studying—spelling and grammatical errors. This application allows you to fix your content within a jiffy and offers a simple design too.

It’s easy to use, and you can replace text manually or let the tool correct it automatically. Besides that, if you want to use the website for Mac or desktop devices, here it is:

These factors make it an ideal grammar checker and allow you to conduct your studies seamlessly. 

  • Summarizing Tool 


Text summaries are a vital part of any study, and Summarizing Tool allows you to do it on the go. A remarkable app, which allows you to shorten your text and churn out a well-encapsulating summary, this is your ideal option.

Besides being exceedingly easy to use, the tool is also very light on your phone. And, if you want the web version summarizing tool, you can use it to generate the same results:

This factor makes it an ideal assistant in education, as it can write summaries for essays, research papers, dissertations, etc. 


These are the best tools students can use on iOS to advance smoothly in their studies. All these remarkable applications offer something unique, and we thoroughly explored that. So, use them all whenever you need them. 


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