Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the best PC operating systems. It provides numerous features and tools to its users that make their life easier. However, when it comes to making changes in the user interface like theme or wallpaper, Windows 10 users do not have many options. Many users like to keep customizing their UI, like switching to the dark mode theme or changing the wallpapers. Since its inception in 2015, Microsoft has not made many changes in the UI of Windows 10, so users are looking for different options on the internet.

If you are bored with the traditional look of your Windows 10 operating system and want to customize its interface, we would provide you the list of the five best Windows 10 themes and Skins Packs for that.

macOS Skin

Let’s be honest; every PC user has a fantasy of having a slick user interface of macOS on their device. If you are a Windows 10 user and want to get a feel of macOS, you don’t require to buy a MacBook. With macOS skin for Windows 10, you will get a proper sense of the MacBook on your Windows desktop or laptop itself. Despite being free to use and download, the macOS skin provides you 80% of the features similar to macOS.

The theme is entirely customizable as well. There is a dock where you can put any app you like. You can modify the screen corner activation mode, fonts, taskbar, and more.

The theme also has a paid version for just $4.99 that provides more customization options.

Why choose macOS Skin?

  • It fulfills the wish of many Windows users to get a feel of macOS.
  • There are lots of customization options, even in the free version.
  • The theme is light.


Flattastic is one of the most elegant Windows 10 themes you can get. It gives a minimalistic look to the OS and comes with a lot of customization options. Just like its name, the Flattastic theme flattens the Windows 10 UI and provides a modern look. You get four icon color packs to modify the menu bar, taskbar, and more. Flattastic is pretty popular among users because of its two in one mode. You get eight versions each of Flattastic dark and Flattastic light that can be switched to anytime without any extra installations.

Why choose Flattastic?

  • Provided minimalistic look to the Windows PC
  • Lots of customization options.
  • It has two in one, i.e., dark and light mode.
  • Free to download and use.

XP Themes Final

If you are an avid Windows OS user, you might have definitely used Windows XP. Since Windows XP is no more supported by Microsoft, users have switched to Windows 10 from it. If you a fan of Windows XP and want to experience it on your Windows 10 system, the XP Themes Final would provide you that. It comes with the classic Windows XP interface. The latest final version of XP Themes Final is compatible with every edition of Windows 10. It is a must-have theme for every Windows XP lover to relive the old XP days.

Why choose XP Themes Final?

  • To experience the classic Windows XP operating system on Windows 10
  • Five different modes to choose from – XP Luna, XP Metallic, XP Olive, XP Royale, and XP Zune
  • Use the original wallpapers and screen-savers of Windows XP.

3D Theme for Windows

Want to convert your 2D Windows 10 interface into 3D? This theme is just for you. 3D Theme for Windows 10 and 7 is one of the top-rated themes for Windows OS. It comes with a lot of 3D wallpapers to provide a totally different look to your system. The colors of this theme may not be as bright as you would like them to be, but what it can do to your eyes will not make it boring, especially when you are looking at it.

Why choose 3D Theme?

  • The theme is one of the best high-definition themes made for Windows OSs.
  • It has a collection of 17 high-definition 3D wallpapers.
  • Free to download and use.

Arc X

Arc X is another elegant Windows 10 them that give your system a simplistic look. The black and white color accent will impress a Linux OS user. It also comes with HiDPi support. Although it does not provide many customization options, the wallpapers, the color accent, and the overall color scheme would undoubtedly provide a different look to your desktop.

Why choose Arc X?

  • The Black and White accent color provides a royal look to the UI.
  • The theme is compatible with all screen sizes because of HiDPi support.
  • Both light and dark modes available.

Bottom Line

Since Microsoft has no plans to launch another OS after Windows 10, customizing Windows 10 is the only option for getting a fresh interface on your computer system. Windows 10 does not have many in-built themes so getting them from the third-party source is the only option. This post provides you the list of the five best Windows 10 themes and skins pack. You can give a try to all of them, and keep one which you like.


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