The world of Web development is growing with the number of web developers and designers continuing to grow with each passing day. In this field, one's creativity will greatly boost the chances of failing or excelling. This makes creativity a very key skill when handling this web field.

To create a good website takes a lot of things, including a good knowledge of several programming languages. Basically, behind that beautiful website is a bunch of endless codes, which have been crafted logically.

To be able to stay relevant as a developer, then one needs to continue updating his or her knowledge base by undertaking several certifications. In our article today, we will look at the Microsoft 70-480 exam that is basically a certification for developers.

The Microsoft MCSD 70-480 exam is designed to test one's web development skills using three main development programming languages. These include HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS. The three languages, when combined effectively, will produce a very interactive website.

This exam is for developers with a minimum of 1-year experience handling the HTML language. Furthermore, the candidates must also have good background knowledge of managing program flow and events, arrays and collections, proper knowledge of handling errors and exceptions, knowledge on working with prototypes and methods, and asynchronous programming.

This exam is usually done before one progress to other advanced certification test such as MCP and the MCSD.

This Microsoft 70-480 exam has four main areas that candidates need to study since they are the one that is tested. The study areas include:

  1. Access and secure data
  2. Implement program flow
  3. Use CSS3 in applications
  4. Implement and manipulate document structures and objects

Going through these four topics will enable you to get deeper knowledge and understanding of things like CSS regions, Transitions, Animations, jQuery, XMLHttpRequest and Ajax, and HTML5 Web APIs,basic CSS layout and Grid.

The 70-480 certification test has a structure whereby the candidates are expected to answer 50 questions within a period of 150 minutes. The exam comes in either a multiple-choice format, or a drag-and-drop format.

In addition, the exam topics have varied percentage rates and so if a topic has more percentage ratings, then it will be tested more compared to the one which has low percentage rating. Furthermore, the exam is written in different languages, including English, German, Chinese, and Portuguese.

If you fail to pass the exam, then you are offered a chance to retake it. Just like in the first attempt,you will have to pay for the exam before you sit for it.

Some tips and tricks for passing the 70-480 exam

You can get to read the following study tips that will aid you to prepare and do the exam well.

  1. Use accessible study aids like books and online resources while preparing for an exam. This will give you more knowledge base and help you discover other things within the topics.
  2. Create a study a group with some of your classmates and set up a study plan that will allow you discuss the various topic of the exam.
  3. Always ensure to consult your tutor in case you fail to understand a particular topic.
  4. Practice makes perfect. So, ensure that you get to do as many exam practice tests as possible as this will expose you to different sets of questions and help you gauge if you understand the topics or not.
  5. Study the exam objectives, then use that to create a study plan for yourself to guide you on how to read and prepare.
  6. Ensure that you study plan allows you to focus mostly on your weakness areas but still giving ample time to your strong areas.

Exam resources

There are numerous resources available to help you go about preparing for this exam.

  • Plural Sight – this site has got numerous contents more so video contents to show you how certain aspects are done. It has a few bases of study questions which can help you get started.
  • W3Schools – this site is a very good interactive resource where you can get a very wide array of content in regard to the three languages. There are also few notes, worked out sample questions, and videos you can make use of.
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy – if you want to get more learning content on HTML and CSS, then this can be a good site to visit.
  • Kaplan IT training– it offers practice test exam questions, quizzes, and references for the students who are preparing for the exam.
  • Microsoft MCSA 70-480 Practice Dumps – the site offers multiple sample exam questions and practice tests with answers and also quizzes that the students can use to prepare themselves.
  • Exam-Labs – it consists of exam practice tests and questions which are updated on a daily basis. This means that you will be getting new and fresh studying materials every day.
  • Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 – this is for the students who have more experience in IT especially in programming and its main focus is on decision making.
  • CSS Definitive Guide Third Edition by Eric Meyer – this book gives you a very detailed knowledge base on all the CSS concepts and has very interesting features, charts, pictures, and even user layout is excellent.
  • Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture with Node, HTML5 and Modern JS libraries by Eric Elliott – the book covers almost every single concept on JavaScript and how it relates to other programming languages, including HTML.
  • Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming – the book is very exciting as it is written in simple language and also contains numerous practice exercises to help you perfect your coding art.


The students should take time to study and understand the course they are to study for a cause there's no point in doing a course and failing, seriousness is important for the individuals who want to progress in what they are doing. When we take academic matters into consideration, then we will know its importance.


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