Apple has been a frontrunner in the tech industry when it comes to introducing new and innovative gadgets in the market. It took the world over by storm when it first launched the iPad as a versatile and handy device for tech lovers. Many other brands were sure to follow the trends and introduce their own versions of smart tablets, but none of them could come close to iPads.

iPads, however, are expensive devices so we understand if you would want to flaunt them around your friends and family. However, accidents can happen at any time no matter how cautious you are around your iPad, which makes it essential to shield your beloved iPad from scratches and damages by using a protective casing. Having said that, it is not easy to choose the best iPad case for your device considering the bewildering variety available in the market. If you are having troubles selecting the best one for your iPad, you’re at the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know in order to buy the best iPad cover, so let’s get started without any further ado.

Important Buying Factors to Keep in Mind

Before buying an iPad case, it’s important to determine the level of protection you want for your device. This depends on a variety of factors, including how and where the iPad is generally used.

If the iPad is to be used outdoors, you should go for a water resistant case that encloses the iPad fully to avoid any damage in case of falls or accidents. Moreover, if you plan to take along your iPad with you wherever you go, you can choose casings that have extra pockets to carry your belongings as well. On the other hand, you can go for sleek and stylish covers that offer a moderate protection level if you plan to use your device indoors.

Moreover, you should also consider the shape and size of the cover and make sure it is compatible with your iPad model. This is because each iPad model differs in shape slightly, and hence, a casing meant for one iPad model may not fit another. You should also pay attention to the openings for the earphone and charging ports and camera lens since a cover that is not meant for your particular iPad model might block them.

Types of iPad Cases

Choosing from the vast range of iPad covers available in the market can get quite confusing, especially if you are not fully aware of the choices you have at hand. To make your buying journey easier, here are the different types of iPad cases you can choose from.

Folio Covers

Generally made of leather, folio covers offer a sleek and professional look while offering high levels of protection to your iPad. They cover the front and back of the device and can be partially folded from the back to act as an iPad stand. You can simply flip the front cover open to access the iPad screen instead of removing it completely from the casing. Some Folio covers also feature pockets to hold your personal belongings and are not too bulky so they can be carried around easily.

Screen & Body Films

These screen and body films consist of a thin yet strong layer of glass that covers the screen, back and sides of your iPad, and offer a high level of damage protection without adding a lot of weight to your device. They can easily be attached to the iPad screen to protect them from cracking or being scratched while also reducing glare in some cases.

Shells & Skins

iPad shells and cases cover the sides and back of the device and allow you to use them without removing the case. Since they do not cover the screen, they cannot protect the screen from shattering in case of falls and hence, offer a moderate level of protection. iPad shells are generally made of thin polycarbonate material, while soft iPad skins are made of silicone or rubber. Both of these offer almost the same level of protection, but the soft skins are generally lighter and make it easier to carry your iPad around. iPad shells and skins are generally water resistant, and you can use them with a glass screen cover for all-rounded protection.

Sleeves & Bags

If you have to carry around your iPad with you all day, you should consider opting for an iPad sleeve or bag. iPad sleeves are thin and compact pouches that often come with a closing zip or flap on the open side. You can simply slide your iPad in them along with other accessories like charging cables and conveniently carry them around without scratching your device. Likewise, iPad bags can be used for the same purpose, although they are a bit bulky.


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