A dizzy patient feels lightheaded and moves around them. When you feel you are about to faint or have difficulty walking or maintaining balance for weeks, then it means you need to see a Dizziness Specialist. Sometimes these feelings can come along with vomiting and nausea. Dizziness is not a serious medical condition but is a symptom of any serious medical issues. Going to a Dizziness Specialist can help you in identifying the issue and treating it quickly as if not treated on time, it can result in serious sickness.


Causes of dizziness in an individual


There are multiple causes of dizziness. If you are feeling dizzy, it means you are suffering from a serious issue, which can result in a serious medical condition.

Some of the causes of dizziness comprise-

  • If you are having problems in your inner ear such as fluid build-up or infection in your ear, then also you can feel dizzy
  • Stoke can also make you dizzy
  • Some illnesses such as the common cold can result in dizziness
  • Circulation problems can be the reason behind dizziness. When your circulatory system is not working properly, then conduction of blood flow in the body is not proper which can result in dizziness
  • Dizziness can be the result of Hypoglycemia, it is a major cause of dizziness. When a person’s blood sugar levels are decreased, he can feel dizzy
  • Hypertension can also arise dizziness in humans, whenever a patient gets low blood pressure, he can feel faint or dizzy
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can be the cause of dizziness in patients, in these patients can get short episodes of dizziness
  • Serious Head injuries can make you feel dizzy
  • If you are taking certain medications, then also you can feel dizzy as side effects, such as when you are taking blood pressure medication, sometimes it can lower your blood pressure too much which can result in dizziness. Some medicine such as tranquilizers and sedatives can cause dizziness as a side effect.
  • Motion sickness can also make you dizzy

If you treat your dizziness, you would be able to treat one of the causes. It’s important to go to a Dizziness Specialist, to identify the cause behind your dizziness as if not treated on time, it can cause serious sickness.


Diagnosis of dizziness or Vertigo


A Dizziness Specialist will perform a certain test and diagnose you to identify the underlying causes of dizziness. He will do a full neurological exam and also perform multiple tests to identify your dizziness. Depending on your condition, tests that are taken by the doctor are-

  • Videonystagmography or VNG test is done to check for nystagmus, which is the problem in your body that maintains balance. This doctor will ask you to wear goggles, and then you need to look at still and moving objects. There is a video camera in your goggles that will record the view and help the doctor in analysing your eye movements.
  • Another important test to identify electronystagmography also known as ENG. This test is similar to the previous test, except that instead of wearing goggles, electrodes are used around your eyes to detect eye movements.
  • MRI can also be used if you are having any head injury or your doctor suspects a brain tumour that is responsible for your dizziness.
  • A Post urography test is also done to check your body balance with the help of a machine, which will record all information regarding you, and how you use your sensation, vision, and ear to maintain balance. This will help doctors in providing the best treatment to their patients.
  • In eye movement testing, a doctor will check the path of your eyes to see moving objects. It can also be performed after a specialist will place water into the ear canal.
  • If he suspects benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is responsible for your dizziness, he will also ask you for a head movement test which will identify the actual cause.


Treatments for dizziness


When you feel dizzy many times, you need to visit the Dizziness Specialist

to treat your dizziness quickly. Doctors will advise you on some lifestyle changes along with medication, therapy, and surgery.

Sometimes lack of nutrition can also result in dizziness, so keeping your nutritional level up will help you in treating dizziness. You can either fill your daily nutritional requirements through diet or you can take extra supplements. Some of the food and nutrition will help you with dizziness, these are-

  • You need to keep yourself hydrated, as it’s very important to drink sufficient water. A normal person should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, apart from this you can take other fluids as well. So, if you feel thirsty and urinate less, then start drinking more water.
  • Ginger can also help you with dizziness and morning sickness. Even pregnant women can take it.

Medication for dizziness is often focused on its underlying causes. Go to the doctor, he will diagnose your body and do a certain test to identify your underlying causes, then he will give you medication according to that. If your dizziness is related to migraine, a Dizziness Specialist will describe preventive migraine medication as the treatment. When anxiety and panic disorder will trigger your dizziness, you need to take certain antihistamines and anti-anxiety medicines. For fluid build-up in the ear, the doctor will give water pills and a diuretic for the treatment of Dizziness.


Therapy is given to patients to treat Vertigo, this includes

  • Psychotherapy is done when patients feel dizzy due to anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Balance therapy is also done when patients are sensitive to movement, it is given to all those people whose dizziness is due to infection and fluid build-up in the inner ear.
  • Head maneuverer therapy is also given when patients feel dizziness due to any head injury or brain tumor. In these patients need to be in a certain position for 30 seconds to maintain their coordination.

A surgical procedure is also done when a patient has a serious medical condition. This doctor will do surgery on your head for the removal of a brain tumor.







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