Last week, Apple announced a new 24-inch iMac all-in-one (AIO) PC with its new M3 in-house processors along with new MacBook Pro notebooks with those chips as well. However, some online rumors before last week claimed Apple was also working on a new version of its 27-inch iMac. Today, the company confirmed with some media outlets that it has no plans to relaunch the 27-inch model.

The Verge stated that Apple PR representative Starlayne Meza that consumers and professionals can still get a 27-inch Studio Display monitor and connect it to a Mac PC like a Mac mini or a Mac Studio desktop if they want to get the Mac experience on a larger screen.

However, it appears, at least for now, the 24-inch iMac will be the only one available for some time with Apple’s new and powerful M3 chips. It has a starting price of $1,299 and will officially go on sale tomorrow.

Apple previously sold iMacs with the larger 27-inch Retina screen with Intel processors inside. However, the company stopped selling those versions in 2022, and it looks like Apple will only be offering the 24-inch model with the new M3 chips for people who want to get an all-in-one PC.

The new iMac is, in fact, the first refresh of the iMac lineup since 2021. According to a recent article from Bloomberg from noted Apple leaker Mark Gurman, Apple previously had plans to update the iMac much earlier:

Apple had aimed to release a larger, pro-focused iMac soon after the 24-inch iMac launched. Under the original road map, you would have seen the M1 24-inch iMac, then an M2-based iMac Pro and, finally, a 24-inch iMac refresh. I’m told that the company tabled the iMac Pro plan a while ago due to cost concerns.

The good news is that Gurman claims the iMac Pro is still in development with a huge 32-inch display, The bad news is that he claims it won’t go on sale until at least late 2024 or 2025.


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