Many think that they can only type texts in Google Docs, and it is not suitable for anything else. In fact, in Google Docs, there are so many useful functions that will help you work no worse than in some other text editors. Also, with the help of a free Avery 8160 template, you can make your product unique.

Features of Label Design

The label is a part of the product’s packaging attached to staples or stuck on the product. It contains information about this product, brand, ingredients, price, and other characteristics. Also, there are often barcodes on the labels for scanning in the store.

High-quality label templates can transmit information about the product and create a tempting and selling look. The creation of a design appearance is, first of all, a purely creative process. It is not easy to determine all the rules for developing label design. But there are three main recommendations. Let us tell you about them.

So, the emphasis should be given first of all to these elements:

  1. Palette of colors and tones, graphic content. Marketing studies have shown that color labels form more interest to the consumer than their monochrome analogs. You can use the Avery 8160 template Google Docs for this. As for the drawings and other graphic elements, the images should have an exclusively high print resolution. Otherwise, the Avery label will seem blurry and leave the impression of low-quality goods. On the other hand, a beautiful and high-quality image on the label enhances the impulse to read information about the product.
  2. Text component. The label blank shouldn’t contain a lot of information. The golden middle is a minimum of the main details. The buyer must evaluate the importance of the purchase within 2-3 seconds. It is enough to break the text into a couple of short lines. A more detailed description and other information should be placed on the back of the goods or in the accompanying instructions.
  3. Fonts. The too intricate font will be difficult to read. Instead, it is recommended to use Avery template 8160 for Google Docs and allocate information with the bold font to highlight the product’s essential features.

What Label Template to Choose? Avery 8160 Template Is What You Need

So, the design of your label should be bright and attractive, focused on your target audience, and make people return to you. It is the best way to highlight your product on the shelves. Develop online labels using an Avery 8160 label template Google Docs.

You can create a label by starting with a professionally developed Avery 8160 template for Google Docs from Foxy Labels. It can be the one that precisely corresponds to your needs. This template maker allows you to design and edit your labels. So, download this add-on for creating labels in your Google Doc. With its help, you can specify all the information about your brand: logos, fonts, and colors. It guarantees that your products will stand out among others.



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    Add and format the elements you need, such as headers, footers, logos, text styles, and placeholders for content. For instance, if you’re creating a business report template, include sections for the title, executive summary, body content, and conclusion.

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    From the Google Docs home page, under Start a new document, select Blank. Or, if you have an existing document you’d like to turn into a template, copy and paste it into a new document, and save it under a unique title. You’ll need this later. Create your new template.

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    Thank you for this article! Can you tell me how to turn text sideways? I’m trying to create a soap label for Christmas gifts and have it totally done (thanks to you) but need to turn one line of text sideways. Is it possible?

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