Just a few days after Larian Studios released its first major PC patch for its hit D&D fantasy RPG Baldur’s Gate 3, the developer has dropped its second major patch for the game, with some interesting new additions.

In the change notes for the patch on Steam, Larian notes that there’s some small additional story content in this update. That includes a new epilogue scene for the character of Karlach, and more small moments featuring that same character have been added to the game’s first and second acts. Larian says it is working on adding new epilogues for other members of the game’s cast of characters.

There are also a number of performance improvements in the second patch, and the storage sizes of the game’s save files have been reduced. There’s also a new feature specifically for co-op players:

Withers has heard tales of Tavs, having requested the presence of their friends for an afternoon of adventuring, wanting to return to the lifestyle of a solo adventurer without their friends in tow. Therefore, he has come up with a solution. Introducing Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends! With this woodworked wonder, you can now dismiss co-op party members and bring your companions back into the fold. Withers’ solution only extends to custom Tavs, however – so no throwing Gale into a cupboard (although we’re sure it’s comfy in there).

There have also been a number of UI changes in this build, and of course, there are some bug fixes as well.

This update for the PC version comes just a few days before Baldur’s Gate 3 is due to be released for the PS5 console. The game is also coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S consoles later in 2023, but the game’s co-op split-screen support won’t be included for Xbox Series S players. It’s possible that support could be added sometime after the Xbox version’s launch.


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