Users who have used the Windows 7 operating system for a long time know various gadgets placed on the desktop. This functionality allows you to display helpful information, such as weather, computer component load, and temperature readings. In today’s OS, surprisingly, there are no gadgets. 

Fortunately, there is a program called Rainmeter that allows you to customize the look of your system the way you want it. And if you’re going to try the game in the online casino, follow this link.

Why do we need Rainmeter, and what are its features?

Rainmeter is software for Windows operating systems, which has features for the desktop and other operating system elements. The program has worked steadily since Windows 7, but it is often used in Windows XP.

The application has skins, which are widgets placed on the desktop. Similar to gadgets on “seven” and devices on an Android smartphone. Many informative skins show the current time and information on a load of PC components (CPU, RAM, or graphics adapter). It is possible to set alerts on the arrival of mail and any news messages.

What is the advantage of this software?

  • The program is open source, so detecting potentially dangerous code is almost unrealistic.
  • The number of skins and themes for the program amounts to thousands so that any user will find a design to their taste and color.
  • Free of charge and with a simple and understandable Russian interface.
  • High compatibility with Windows.
  • Does not require computer resources.
  • If you like this type of software, you should try it.


Do you want to upload your own or downloaded skin in Minecraft in Windows 10 Edition? You can do it, and the game allows you to install your skin from a . PNG file easily. How to do it?

Installing gadgets and widgets

On the program’s official website, ready-made skins or themes are not found, so you have to look for some elements in the free access to various resources on the Internet. Then, you download the skins and open the file. The aspect should be automatically built into the program.

Usually, the file has the extension “.rmskin,” and after running, it should open a window Skin Installer, where you click “Install.” For example, if you downloaded an archive with a set of directories and files, then proceed as follows:

  • Change the extension in the archive properties to “.rmskin.” Go to the properties of an ordinary archive, and instead of .zip, put another designation.
  • If you have an archive of RAR type, you need to unpack its contents into some folder and pack it already in the ZIP archive. Then rename it to the extension .rmskin and open it.
  • Another option is to copy the folder’s contents to the program root directory. Usually it is C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Defaults\Skins or C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Skins. Then run the program and select the “ini” files.
  • If you have an older program version, you should unpack the archive to the path C:\Users\”User”\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins.

This application allows you to transform your system into something newer and fresher. So, the user will not see the usual desktop with standard Windows 7, 8, or 10 elements but one of the thousands of themes available for every taste.

How to download skin in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

For years, Minecraft fans have enriched the appearance of their characters with skins or skins that change the appearance of the essence. In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, we have a choice of ready-made skins, among which we can find both free and paid items. However, it is worth knowing that you can still install your skins, downloaded from the web, in addition to those skins that Microsoft offers us. How to do it?

Step 1: Download skin from the network in . PNG format.

The first step is downloading the skin you want to load into Minecraft. We can find many pages of skins for Minecraft online. I used the NameMC site for guidance purposes.

Viewing skins at NameMC

NameMC is a website where we can download skins and check what skins a person with a specific alias is using and then download that skin for ourselves. You can also view the most popular and recently added skins.

Download a Minecraft skin with NameMC

Once you find a skin you like, please select it from the list. Information about the skin will appear with the option to download it to your computer. Click “Download” and save the. PNG file in an easily accessible location, such as your desktop. You will need this file to specify in Minecraft to import the skin.

Step 2: Load skins in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Start the game Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. The character is displayed on the home screen, and the hanger icon is at the bottom. It allows you to choose a different skin for your character. Click the hanger icon to enter the edit screen.

At the top, you’ll find a “Default” section where you can choose the standard male or female skin. You’ll also find a blank model icon here, a sprite. This option allows you to load your skin. Select the empty skin to display its preview.

Select the blank skin to load your file

You will see the ghost model on the right side, which means a skinless figure. Just above, you will find the “Select New Skin” button. Click this button to open a window to display the. PNG file with the skin.

A new “Explorer” window will appear where you have to specify the downloaded. PNG file with your skin. Please find the file you downloaded in the first step and then double-click it.

Select the PNG file with the downloaded skin

Minecraft will read the file and try to use the skin. You may see a window asking which model you want to use – select the appropriate one.

After selecting a model, a complete view of your character will be displayed along with the selected skin. Now save it with the “Confirm” button. After that, the skin will be visible in the game for both you and other players.

Ripped skin for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

So, you can download any skin from the web and then load it into Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Remember that the skin must be in the form of a graphic file with a . PNG extension. It is the standard skin format for Minecraft, so there should be no problem – every skin downloaded from the web should be in this format by default.

At any time, you can change the skin and download another one. Then, you have to go back to the character’s appearance screen and click on the skin we downloaded. A “Select New Skin” button will appear above it, which can load a new one. PNG file with the skin and replace it with the old skin.


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    Minecraft will read the file and try to use the skin. You may see a window asking which model you want to use – select the appropriate one.

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