If you are a member of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program and also have commercial access to Windows 11, you may be getting a nice extra feature to try out very soon. Microsoft has just announced that its Bing Chat Enterprise chatbot is being added to the current preview for the upcoming Windows Copilot generative AI assistance feature.

In a blog post, Microsoft said Bing Chat Enterprise is now available to members of the Windows Insider Program in the Dev Channel who are commercial users and will roll out soon to similar commercial members of the Beta Channel. It added:

For your employees, the experience will be very similar to the existing experience with Bing Chat – the branding changes to reflect Bing Chat Enterprise, and there is a reminder with each prompt that personal and corporate data is protected.

For IT Pros and those responsible for data protection and compliance the changes are “under the hood.” Bing Chat Enterprise enables your organization to use Windows Copilot with confidence that your data is protected—chat data is not saved, Microsoft has no ‘eyes on’ access, and your data is not used to train the underlying models.

Microsoft added that enterprise customers who have already enabled Bing Chat Enterprise via the site won’t have to do anything extra to enable it to the Windows Copilot preview.

First announced in July, Bing Chat Enterprise is designed to offer businesses a more secure way to give employees access to the Bing Chat chatbot AI. The company currently plans to add Bing Chat Enterprise to Microsoft 365 subscriptions sometime in early September.

Windows Copilot was first announced in May and will give Windows 11 users access to a generative AI assistant. It is expected to be added to all Windows 11 users as part of the “Moment 3” update for the OS sometime later this year.


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