Twitter is a promising channel for business development around the world. The service allows you to create and publish short posts that are available to other users. The number of Twitter users is growing from year to year, so the potential of the social network must be used today to overtake competitors and form a stable channel to attract traffic to the main website of the online store.

Today we will talk about how to use Twitter to promote your brand and what results you can get even if you don’t want to order ads or buy Twitter followers.

What benefits can the platform bring to a business?

Twitter provides direct communication with the audience. By creating an account on this platform, you can post short posts in the form of text notes (up to 280 characters), which users will comment on and share.

It is the number of retweets that determines success: the algorithm believes that if a tweet is shared, then it is interesting, useful, or relevant. In many ways, many bloggers buy followers on Twitter for this. They want as many people as possible to read and retweet their posts, and this is the only way with such high efficiency.

Let’s highlight other advantages:

  • wide audience. The social network is gaining popularity all over the world. By creating an official page for an online store or brand, you can pave the way for scaling your business and entering the international market;
  • coverage without borders. The audience is set to communicate, so information is shared instantly, which provokes disputes, clicks on links and other types of actions that provide informational noise and increase brand awareness, online store;
  • similar to a search engine. Of course, Twitter can’t compete with Google, but many users use internal hashtag searches for news, companies, celebrities, and other information;
  • improving positions in global search. Tweets that have a lot of retweets show up on Google, which has an overall positive effect on external promotion.

How to promote a business on the platform

Regular posting of tweets with different content is the basis of promotion, but you need to involve additional tools to speed up the process.

Attracting users from other social networks

The tool is relevant for businesses that have accounts on other sites. A link to your account can be placed on the other to attract an audience.

It is advisable to add a Twitter widget to the website of an online store so that users can make instant transitions from any device, from a personal computer to a smartphone.

Running ads

Inside the social network, you can run ads that will ensure a rapid increase in the number of followers and activity in the profile. Advertising can be targeted to a specific audience using flexible targeting. You will be able to promote tweets, accounts or branded hashtags.

Running an advertising campaign is an inexpensive solution because the advertiser pays for the actual result, such as a certain number of likes or replies. Systems are also available to measure campaign results and identify the most promising channels.


Promoting a business on Twitter is a process that provides audience building, lead generation and awareness. This platform has created a free environment for communication, which is why many business representatives use the platform for direct communication with customers, from collecting feedback to complaints.

The social network helps to find partners, mark useful people and communicate with them, raise sensitive topics and perform other work that will help attract and retain the attention of the audience. Maintaining a profile is associated with minimal costs, the process of posting content can be successfully automated using tools for delayed posting.



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    Twitter is a pretty good place to promote, but it has its own nuances. Thank you for this article, which fills many gaps in my knowledge of this platform.It would be interesting to mention the most common mistakes made by those who are just starting to promote their company on Twitter.I can add from myself that the most important thing in promotion is quality content.You’re guaranteed success If your readers get relevant, unique information and your content don’t clutter up their feed.

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