The first feature of Tether is the increased block size of the blockchain. This ensures high transaction speeds and eliminates the appearance of queues as their number increases. The insufficient block size of the blockchain became the main reason for the need to develop a new branch of the well-known cryptocurrency.

The next point that requires attention is an increased level of security. Users can be confident in the protection of their own funds stored in wallets and the confidentiality of personal information, including information about completed transfers.

Tether can be used like Bitcoin: for trading currency pairs, transfers to other users, as an investment object. If you decide to use digital coins for investment, you must carefully monitor exchange rate changes. This will help you understand when you should buy a cryptocurrency and at what moment you can sell it profitably.

When considering purchasing Tether, you should know that you can solve the problem: buy Tether ERC20 (USDT) by Visa and MasterCard euro card on

How to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card

If you have a Visa or MasterCard Credit Card EUR , you can use it to pay for the purchase of digital coins. The funds stored on the card do not matter what currency.

The purchase of cryptocurrency is carried out through an exchange site that provides paid services. The commission amounts are acceptable but will differ depending on the chosen exchanger. This is not the only point that should influence the choice of an exchange office. Be sure to consider the swap speed at which the conversion is performed. The profitability of the transaction, as well as your safety, depends on it. Suppose you see that the exchange rate is too high. In that case, you should think about the possibility that you are planning a transaction with a scammer who will simply steal your funds and not transfer the equivalent amount of cryptocurrency and, in this way, simply attract unsuspecting users. Of course, fraud occurs in this area, as in any other area, with increased demand for certain services.

How to make a safe deal on favorable terms

The easiest method is to operate the special monitor of Exchanges, which offers users only safe transactions. The site administration takes a very responsible approach to the selection of exchangers and carefully checks each of them. Thus, you can buy Tether USDT stablecoin in ERC20 network with a credit card quickly and safely. Here are the best exchange offices that work honestly and transparently and have a large number of positive reviews:

  • conversion rate. You see offers with the best rates at the top of the search results table. Further transactions are distributed in descending order;
  • commission size. It differs slightly, but when exchanging large amounts, the difference will be quite noticeable;
  • currency reserve. It should be taken into account when a large-scale exchange is planned to complete the operation in one step;
  • minimum amount restrictions. In this way, some exchangers eliminate unprofitable small transactions.

To make your decision easier, go to bestchange. Here, you can convert currencies in any direction of interest and receive comprehensive information about current rates. This way, you can understand how much you should expect and quickly decide on an exchanger. Using the converter is very simple, so there will be no problems. It will also help when planning a double exchange due to the lack of direct transfers in the direction you are interested in.


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