Microsoft Office is frequently offered at incredibly low prices—under $60 for programs that typically cost hundreds. Are they trustworthy, or are they a money-stealing scam? Some of these offers and their origins have been examined.

These advertisements promoting inexpensive software and games are common. We’ll concentrate on the so-called “lifetime” versions of Office 2019, or Office 2021, which are sold for less than $60 as opposed to the Professional bundle’s range of $150 to $440.


Which product you are buying?

No matter where you purchase it, you will receive a Product Key that resembles this as your software license or right-to-use. Microsoft Product Keys have a length of 25 characters. They are essential for the initial install of Office perpetual license software as well as any subsequent reinstallations on different computers. Keep a copy of your Office product keys at all times.


Office Activation:

You must input the Product Key after installing the software. The system then confirms the validity of the key with Microsoft. The software will operate normally if all is well. This is what Microsoft refers to as “Software Activation,” and it’s the way Office has operated for a while. Sometimes the standard activation procedure is insufficient to make these transactions function. Typically, all you have to do to have the program approved by Microsoft’s system is enter the product key into Office after installation.


Are these deals Legitimate?

That inquiry lacks a definitive response because the source is unknown. Assume for the moment that we are discussing a trade similar to the one we just discussed. For a low cost, you may activate the program, but through a less usual technique. You can get these offices for free that will be 100% legit. You can get free office from Moo Soft. It is a website offering free MS offices and other valuable software for your PC. These licenses are ambiguous. Microsoft recognizes it as valid (due to activation), but the route the product key takes to get to you might not be fully “kosher.”

The costs seem erratically cheap. If someone is offering $400 worth of software for $60 or less, something odd is taking place. After all, that is far less than the price of a wholesale or high-volume license. The seller is obtaining their licenses in some way on the cheap in order to sell for such low prices while still making money.

But is the original buyer selling these extra licenses? If a corporation is even permitted to offer licenses at all, it is difficult to comprehend why it would sell them off for such a little. It appears more plausible that this is a backroom arrangement made by employees of the organizations.

That explains some Office bundles, particularly “Professional Plus,” which is only accessible to customers who have purchased a volume license. However, there are also a lot of consumer bundles like Home and Student available that aren’t typically purchased in bulk by businesses.


Traps and Frauds:

Be cautious because there are numerous providers in this sector with dramatically differing levels of credibility. We’ve seen Microsoft 365 promotions that utilise a single Microsoft account for sharing purposes! You use Office with a different email and password each time, sharing the same One Drive storage space and access to other people’s papers in the Recent Documents list. Need we remind you to reject any such offers?

Some vendors offer software with invalid product keys. Selling as many keys as possible, delaying customer complaints as long as possible, and then making off with the money is the goal of this scam.




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