Developer Digital Extremes hit it big with its free-to-play sci-fi third person action game Warframe that’s celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In 2022, the developer announced plans to create a second free-to-play game, an action-RPG title called Soulframe, that’s set in an all-new fantasy world.

This weekend, as part of the team’s annual TennoCon fan event, Digital Extremes went all out and showed off over 30 minutes of in-game footage from Soulframe. The footage, which does include some commentary from the game’s development team, shows that Soulframe will definitely have a slower pace compared to what Warframe players are used to.

The footage shows the player character exploring part of Soulframe’s world, which is called Midrath. The footage showed a variety of gameplay elements, including spell and melee combat combined with some puzzle-solving. There was even a glimpse at two-player co-op gameplay.

Besides the physical world of the game, players can transport themselves to a spirit world that also serves as a central hub. That hub, called the Nightfold Tent, will allow players to not only switch and upgrade their weapons and spells, but they can even switch out player classes as well. Also, Soulframe has a gameplay feature where player characters can chat with their ancestors in the Nightfold Tent.

Visually, Soulframe already looks impressive, with detailed character models and art textures for the world of Midrath. The spell effects look impressive, and the combat, while again slow in pace compared to Warframe, still looks pretty satisfying. At one point in the demo, the player character called upon a giant spirit wolf to take out an enemy, and then afterward got on the wolf’s back to continue his quest.

Even with this rather lengthy amount of gameplay footage, Digital Extremes says that Soulframe is still at a fairly early stage of its development. At the moment, there’s no word on when the public will get a chance to play Soulframe.


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