The single player campaign for Activision’s recent first-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has been slammed by both game critics and players, perhaps because it was reportedly developed and completed in only 16 months. However, the multiplayer portions of the game have fared better in terms of their reviews.

Today, Activision announced it will allow anyone with a compatible PC, and a Xbox and PS5 console, to check out some of the multiplayer content in Modern Warfare III for free, starting at 10 am Pacific time on December 14 and ending at 10 am Pacific time on December 18.

In a blog post, Activision stated that the free play period will include access to the co-op themed Zombies mode, which lets players try to fight off the undead and keep them from getting out of the Exclusion Zone. Activision says:

Taking place on a zombified version of the new big Urzikstan map, players will deploy to and complete Missions and Contracts, and acquire high-value items like Acquisitions and Schematics that can be exfiltrated from the match for use in future deployments.

Those free players will also be able to check out the new objective team-based War mode. The offensive team has to destroy a SAM missile site and its radar hardware, then escort a tank through some dangerous territory and finally upload codes to keep a big missile from firing. The opposing team, of course, has to keep the offensive team from achieving these objectives.

Here’s the full list of maps and modes that will be available during the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III free play period:

6v6 Core Maps: Terminal, Rust, Highrise, Shipment, Afghan, Meat.

Ground War Maps: Popov Power, Orlov Military Base, Levin Resort.

Core Modes: Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Ground War, War.

Playlists: Rustment 24/7 (Shipment and Rust), War Mode, 6v6 Moshpit (featuring Highrise, Meat, Afghan, Terminal), Ground War, Modern Warfare Zombies.

If you decide to purchase the full game you can do so on Amazon right now.


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