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    doc file

    Great efforts to collect the information, thanks

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    “For example, you have an assignment you want to send to your teacher, and its size is more than what is required. It can definitely be smaller. By merely double-clicking your PDF file, you can open it in preview.

    “Now all you need to do to compress this is going to file and then export, not export as PDF because you do not want to save it, just a PDF file. Now you get an option here for quartz filter, so you want to make sure you selected PDF as the format and quartz filter has reduced file size by default as a filter.”

    This is absolutely incorrect for my Mac running Big Sur. When you open the PDF in Preview and select “Export”, there is no such option shown ANYWHERE in that dialog box for quartz filter. (this is still true even after going through Color Sync and trying again)

    BUT, I found a way around by using ColorSync as you described FIRST, because even when I used Automator to Ask for Finder Items > Copy Finder Items > Apply Quartz Filter to PDF Documents (prior to setting up the custom filter within ColorSync), it did work in that it compressed the PDF severely, but with a loss to quality. It appears that in Big Sur, you MUST follow the directions for adding a custom filter in ColorSync, AND THEN you can automate as I described to reduce the file size AND maintain quality.

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    jack miller

    if you want to open RAR files then you have to UNRAR it you need to download it from internet using free tool


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