Big news comes to the Counter-Strike community as Valve continues to release patch notes for the upcoming CS2 update. While the CS2 update is still in the limited testing stage, these patch notes bring new speculation with every new release.

With the new release being scheduled for the Summer of 2023, its exact release date is known only by Valve itself. Counter-Strike 2 has a multitude of new and exciting changes for the CS community. Most notably up until now, we can expect changes such as a customized buy menu, the ability to resell weapons and utility, changes to map geometry and interaction, massive improvements in lighting, and a large rework to the Smoke Grenade.

There is an additional expected change that has recently had the community speculating more than ever. With the release of the June 15th patch notes for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, many have observed an interesting change to the [MISC] portion.

Adding the Zeus x27 to the Steam Workshop

The Zeus x27 has been a hit ever since its debut back in 2012. After more than a decade of being in the game, players of CSGO are sure to have seen their fair share of taser kills. Whether you play with friends, or as a solo, the Zeus has a special place in the heart of all CS players.

There has been largely positive feedback from the community about adding skins for the Zeus. Much like when glove and knife skins were implemented, the Counter-Strike community seems to be welcoming Zeus customization with open arms. It adds a new element of customization for the CS and CS2 fanbase.


New Inventory Crafts

With the release of the Zeus x27 being added to the Steam Community Workshop, the ever-present Counter-Strike crafting community gains a new element. Now, not only will you be able to create custom crafts with Weapon Skins, Knives, and Gloves, but we can also expect to see incredible crafts that incorporate the Zeus x27. While the current workshop model doesn’t support stickers or nametags, it does support Stat-Trak variants.

To say that the addition of Zeus x27 skins is hype would be an understatement. It brings a new world of possibilities for defining yourself within Counter-Strike 2. Imagine how many different combinations of crafts there could be. One thing is for certain, we are sure to have some amazing case openings with the first Zeus case.


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