The price of bitcoin is sending out more bad signals, and it is expected to keep falling until it hits new lows that are even lower than its current low of $15,500.Aside from this, investors are buying Bitcoin more quickly than usual because they think the price will go up significantly in the next few days. If you are looking for a reliable and hassle free trading platform, you may visit bitql app


Even though the markets seem to have started a new chain of losses, bitcoin still has trouble staying above $16,000. The bears are trying to return to being the most potent group as the market falls below $820 billion. In the last week, the price of BTC fell by almost 3%, while the cost of ETH fell by more than 4%.


In general, there has been a lot of negative pressure on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, and altcoins have also fallen to their respective lows. On the other hand, there is likely to be a negative divergence in the stock markets or the Nasdaq, which are closely related to the cryptocurrency markets. This could make it more likely that the cryptocurrency market will crash in the near future.


There will soon be a big sale of Bitcoin (BTC).


As has already been said, the price of bitcoin has been pretty stable, around $16,000, for a while now, and its volatility has gone down a lot. No matter how the price goes in the next few days, the small changes could set the stage for a big change. The S&P 500 index is almost ready to have a big drop and another big rejection.


Analyst Kevin Svenson told his 117,9K followers that the price of bitcoin was about to drop. He did this by using the S&P 500. He says that if the S&P 500 gets turned down by the supply line, which has happened many times.


How long did crypto winters of the past last?


We can start by looking at how other crypto winters turned out. Grayscale Investments, which runs funds that invest in digital assets, says that the crypto winter began on June 13, 2022.


At that point, the price of Bitcoin had already dropped by more than 60%, so this may surprise some. This is what Grayscale did to explain how quickly prices went up before they went down. They did this by looking at the blockchain to determine when most cryptocurrency investors were holding losses from the price they bought them for.


In 2017, the buzz around Initial Coin Offering (ICO) brought a lot of “altcoins” to the market. These are crypto coins and tokens that aren’t bitcoin. This was the start of the last bull market. Since more people wanted to buy bitcoin because of this, the price went up.



Even though some of them were well-known and made early investors a lot of money, most of them didn’t work at all or turned out to be scams.


Will the cryptocurrency market be able to stand on its own one day?


The most obvious question is whether or not the market will get better. Because bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies don’t have fundamentals like a publicly traded company does, it might be hard to give an excellent answer to this question.


Shares of a company are valuable to an investor because they bring in money. Most of the time, at least some of a company’s profits are given back to the shareholders as a dividend.

This profit can determine how much the company is worth compared to other companies in the same field. It can also be used to compare how competitive different areas are.


This is different when it comes to cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t have a way to make money, like when you lend Celsius to someone else. We know how things turned out. This means you can only guess how much a cryptocurrency will be worth in the future because its value depends on speculation.


It makes sense that if more people use it, it will have value since other people think it has value. Tens of thousands of years ago, people had similar ideas about gold and other valuable metals.


Gold has some uses in industry, but most of its value comes from the fact that it is very rare and that people have long thought it is valuable. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other cryptocurrency projects have become much more influential on the network over the past few years. Not only do more regular investors own shares, but so do Wall Street firms, venture capital funds, and even some big public companies.





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