In the development of the 4.0 era, smartphones or tablets are technology devices that are popular with users. In addition to making calls or entertaining, these devices also become an effective learning tool for students through free applications available on Android. With more than 3 million free apps and games, APK Downloader will introduce you top 3 extremely useful learning apps recently!

Unacademy Learner App

Unacademy Learner is an educational app that is developed and widely used in Bangalore India. As India’s Largest Learning Platform, Unacademy Learning App Now Has 832,000 ranks with the average value of 4.3

The Unacademy App gives you unlimited access to Courses, Live Classes, Mock Tests, Quizzes, and totally free.

The latest version of Unacademy Learner is 6.6.598. This is supposed to be the latest and most optimized version. It is compatible with a variety of devices. You can download it directly from the CH Play store or through famous and free app stores like You can download without registration or login.

Download app : Unacademy Learner App

Quizlet: Learn Languages ​​& Vocab with Flashcards

Learning vocabulary with flashcards is no longer unfamiliar to us. With the development of technology 4.0, mobile apps make it easier for us to practice and master vocabulary compared to other traditional learning methods.

Quizlet is an educational app for Android developed by Quizlet Inc. With English learning flashcards or history learning games, this app has over 50 million users studying every month and has become the leading app in educating people. Learning is fun! Let’s acknowledge new things with Quizlet. Download now because Quizlet is totally free!

As a course aggregator, you can use Quizlet for any subject: vocabulary, biology, chemistry, social studies, AP, GRE and more. Besides, if you use Quizlet for learning a foreign language, this app allows you to memorize vocabulary, practice pronunciation and test yourself in more than 18 languages, including Western, Spanish, French, German and Chinese….

Download now: Quizlet

Passei Direto: o melhor app para você estudar

Passei Direto is a free study app for students of all educational levels. With the suspension of classes at schools due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, educational institutions must apply distance education during social isolation. As a result, the demand for online learning platforms has increased and Passei Direto is a good choice for those who want to find or share educational materials related to their field.

This platform acts as a research network in which users can share documents quickly with just Android mobile phones or iPhones (iOS) as well as by the website. By using the app, you can check the materials and questions shared by other students or follow the profiles of experts from different disciplines.

As a completely free platform for students, based on the archived database, this app is able to answer all of your questions. Passei Direto also acts as a social network for students to ask and answers others.

Download Link: Passei Direto

These are 3 learning apps that has researched and compiled for you to read. To learn more about other learning apps, you can refer to App Education.



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