SkinPack Creator

This program give you chance to create your own skinpack for share!
Note: for adding res files you can use ResBuilder
Size: 36 MB | Version: 10 | Update: 1/26/2020 | Downloads: 10,000,000+
Win XP:

Size: 21 MB |  Update: 11/21/2010 | Downloads: 1,000,000+

Password: | Malware/virus warning? Read the FAQ.

Note : Please unistall old version of skin pack creator before install new version.
Please do not add people arts without author permission and give credits and webpage to author in license part.
Ask us if you need any help and report us if you find any bugs and problems or if you need to add any other option.

Windows XP\7\8.1\10 RS2\RS3\RS4\RS5\19H1|19H2|20H1 [X86_X64]


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  2. 105
  3. 104


    is this for minecraft?

  4. 103


    Weird how it gives me the download link to Skin Pack Installer System, rather than the SkinPack Creator, unless I somehow am lacking the knowledge

  5. 102

    Atta khan

    I would like to know if these skin can create income for me if i upload them here.

    1. 102.1


      Yes if you make good themes people buy them

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