iOS9 Skin Pack

Transform Windows 10/8/8.1/7 to iOS9


Size: 43 MB | Version: 2.0 | Update: 8/20/2015 | Downloads: 10,000,000+


Size: 43 MB | Version: 2.0 | Update: 8/20/2015 | Downloads: 10,000,000+

Note: you need rename *.exe_* to *.exe* for runing installer.

Malware/virus warning? Read the FAQ.

Windows XP users can download this SkinPack from here


Windows 10/8/8.1/7/SP1 [X86_X64] – [All Language] – [All Version]

credits: cu88

RocketDock 1.3.5 by Punk Labs
Xwidget 1.5 & XLaunchPad 1.0.7 by Xwidgetsoft


Version 2.0
-Add support for Win10

Note: Please unistall old or other version of skin packs before install new one. if your theme not changed or its like classic windows you need to install uxtheme patcher from here and after restart select new theme from personalization.
Use it at your own risk!
You’re advised to Create a System Restore Point before installing skinpack.
If you have problem with install or uninstall skinpack, please check our help page.

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570 thoughts on “iOS9 Skin Pack

  1. hi! I used ios-8 theme but after sometime it crashed and all icons disappeared. Then i tried to uninstall it but my control panel is not opening.

  2. How come when ever I download this and open the file there is no exe file? There is only setup.cmd and setup.ex_

  3. every time i download the skinpack ios it tells me to look out for any other app yet even i unistalled my antivirus! need ur assistance

  4. :) Everythings is ok but, the widget toolbar is still flat ? i’ve insstalled uxtheme first and then install the skinpack, but still flat, i try it for two times but the result is still flat 😮 ? can you gimme a reason to fix it ?

  5. HI Hamed: Great work on this, looks clean and crisp. When i click on Drives > My Drive. I am getting an error “class not registered”. Can you help ? I am on Windows 7 Home Premium


  6. When i uninstall the skin Then my os doesn’t start correctly only black screen is showing and restarting in every 10 minutes

  7. hi skinpack. must say awesome work. but after using it for a day or two, it crashed my entire windows. nothing would load after the logo and it showed a black screen with blinking cursor. i had to refresh laptop. any idea why it would happen?

  8. So far I love this skin pack, thank you so much. I am having one minor issue and one kind of major issue. and I am running it on Windows 8.1. I cannot right click anymore when I open up any folders. Thus I can’t delete anything or move anything around. How can I fix this? Also, I notice sometimes I will install it and it looks great and even though I don’t have the Mac logo on my taskbar (which would be nice but oh well) I notice if I turn my laptop off and turn it back on after a while the minimize, maximize etc. buttons will be back to normal. and my taskbar will be transparent and can’t change that in Personalize. Any feedback and help is greatly appreciated

  9. Very nicely designed. anyhow Firefox Close minimize buttons looks out of place as in different than the Default colour.,

  10. I have a Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit PC. When I installed the iOS 8 skinpack everything was changed except the ‘Start’ button and the ‘Minimize’, ‘Maximize’ and ‘Close’ buttons above the windows. So, what to do now?

  11. all is ok but the dock bar is diff from yours how to fix it …………..
    I’m in windows 8.1 x64 bit
    help me plzzz… 😀

  12. Soo…I have a problem, I have already installed uxtheme patcher and afterwards I have installed the skin however, my minimize, maziximize and close buttons are still in the windows form, as well as the start button, how can I change that?

  13. I installed the skinpack correctly and uxtheme patcher but i dont have the close, minimize and maximize button the same as yours. I dont have a mac logo on my taskbar.

    Please Help!!!

    P.S. I am on windows 8.1

  14. when ever i try to download ios8 on to my win8.1 laptop it downloads a ziped file and when i
    try to unzip it my laptop says that it doesent have anything in it.Please Hellp

  15. in the video the Orb Window 8 change to Apple
    but when I install why it still win8 orb ??????

    i dont want to use third program to change it….

      1. hello I installed the theme but the problem has changed except all the rest he aoutil bar under Windows 8, I do not know why thank you for helping me

  16. hello I installed the theme but the problem has changed except all the rest he aoutil bar under Windows 8, I do not know why thank you for helping me

  17. The icon won’t change after the install. The icon of task bar. Answer me please how to fix this. It’s irritating. REPLY PLEASE!

    1. go to control panel then to programs (uninstall programs) and search for this skin pack then just uninstal it easy

  18. I really want you to change those notification icon (sound, network,power etc)

    if win 8.1 cant change then give change to Win7…I really love iOS7 of Win7 because they change everything … include animation logo ….

  19. Perfect! But I have some doubts. In first place, I can’t change the rocketdock, I put my programs there, but when I reboot my pc, the dock get “default”. The “apple” icon in the start menu disappear and the windows icon come back when I shut the pc off or reboot:

    Other thing: the dock is a little bit different from the video/pictures here, take a look:

    The last thing, some labels in the explorer are “cut”:

    Thank you!

  20. Awesome work…well done! Only one thing…it seems that some things (such as some taskbar icons, start icon etc. ) remained as they were. Long story short, some elements differ from your screenshots above plus at SOME folder (at those which display their name at the top of the window) there is a white square around the name of the folder. 😀 Any advice would be appreciated in order to fix these errors, i want the whole iOS8 exprience. I am running Windows 8.1 64bit. Thank you in advance. :)

  21. HEY! i want to install SKIN PACk Win 9, but i can’t, because i have ios8 skin packs. and i can’t uninstall ios8 skin packs and i’m always trying but in Programs/Uninstall Programs Skin Packs iOS8 Still there. do you have another way to uninstall Skin Pack iOS8?

  22. >:( How do i uninstall it i uninstall it but the pack is still Working

  23. My friend try to install skinpack snow leopard in his windows 8. After restart his computer, he can’t login to startscreen. Same with me. loop in lockscreen. Please tell me for the solution!

  24. I try to install skinpack windows 9 in my windows 8, after restart my computer, i can’t log
    loop in lock screen? Why

  25. Whenever I download and click on it, whether with Save File or Open with ZIP, whether Link 1 or Link 2, it just says ‘Application not found’. Please help Admin.

    1. you need to install 7zip:

  26. “SkinPack Installer need to connect to the Internet for download files.
    Please connect to the internet and try again later.”

    Actually, I already to connect to the internet.

  27. skinpack installer need connect to the internet for download files. please connect to the internet and try again……. and i have sufficient internet connection still it doesn’t install

  28. I downloaded it then it said to restart. I restarted but was never able to log in it. It said please wait. I waited for 5 hours. Now What ???

      1. i installed it but nothing changed……so i uninstaled ios skin pack and reinstalled it still taskbar did not change……but once before it changed……then i wanted to install iron man skin……from that time the taskbar isnt changing…….please help me sort this…….

  29. i installed it in windows8 but it shows blank screen even when i restart my laptop and i dont want to format my laptop plz help

  30. Hey man, there’s a strange error when I’m trying to download the .zip archive. I tried downloading on Firefox, Chrome and even on Internet Explorer and the download stops at 99% and fails, or when it downloads, the file comes broken, I really don’t know what’s happening, and I’d like to know if there’s another way to download the file! Btw, great website!

  31. pls i installed the windows 7 version of the ios on my windows 8 laptop but it keeps giving me a black screen after typing my password what should i do pls

  32. i have installed the ios7 skin pack in my laptop using window 7, every thing is working fine, only i have problem with x launchpad, i always bring some of the icons from my desktop and put it on the xlaunchpad desktop and they are working ok but when i restart my laptop, all the icon i brought from desktop fast to xlaunchpad are gone. why ??? please help.

  33. Hey sir! Initially congs on your project and thanks for sharing!

    I tried IOS7 skin pack and liked it so much. At that particular time, I had Mountain Lion skin pack installed, so I removed it first and later on installed the IOS7 skin pack properly. I did all the required restarts and did not face with any problems at that installation period.

    Since I liked the pack and wanted to run it on a fresh system, I formated my computer and installed all the drivers. But once I installed the same skin pack, taskbar did not appear properly (it looks like win98 and start menu has “Start” text instead of mac icon). I try to change the theme from the personalization window, it is still same. I had aero effect working correctly by the way. I read the FAQ and couldnt find a solution on this case. Did I miss something.

    Thanks for help in advance.

  34. i have used the online installer od ios7 for windows 7 64 bit…..installation has been successful..but following things are missing: apple icon on top left (toolbar is present with missing apple icon)…and dock in the bottom….can you plss help!!!

  35. when i donwloaded this thing, why my screen is so black? there’s nothing ini it. no icons, no pictures, nothing. please fix this

  36. i have used the online installer od ios7 for windows 8 64 bit…..installation has been successful..but following things are missing: apple icon on top left (toolbar is present with missing apple icon)…and dock in the bottom….can you plss help!!!

  37. it’s a great theme and i have used it for some months!!!!!!!!!! But the color Font in the folders is too clear. I would like black or other color. if you can help me to change the color, i wil be grateful.

  38. i Have a bigg problem i run a laptop win 8 64 bit so i donwloaded it everything ok then i went to control panel and i selected it to unistall it gave me a mennu of what i could uninstall i wanted only the taskbar i clicked on it then ok then i rebbbooted and it was still there the taskbar so i went again t the control panel and the skin pack it gave me the menu and this time i checked everytihng i selected reeboot now so my pc rebooted and then it opened it shoed the windows icon and then the circle fof loading belowit and then my pc screen is black npthing happens and i cant even reach to the login menu plz help

  39. i can’t install the skin, always appear “error opening file for writing 0/rp.exe” then i try to select ignore, it continues to appear “error opening file for writing 0/uxtheme and etc, can you help to solve it ?

  40. your ios 7 theme is best I can’t tell that I am so excited for opening your theme in my windows PC. Keep working you will get more Success. You Know
    Shit…..!!! You Cant Help Me Pls


  42. why did the pack still in my pc? i mean is i reinstall the pack but theres is an icon .. like the folder and the other apps logo.. its still the same.. how can i remove it?

  43. your ios 7 theme is best I can’t tell that I am so excited for opening your theme in my windows PC. Keep working you will get more Success.

  44. Hi, everything works fine, except for the task bar, which is in the format of an old version of Windows and not Mac. Can you help me with this?

  45. Your theme is good but I am having problem
    I am using windows 7 Professional and when i installed this skinpack the tittle bar remains the same. Please help

  46. it doesn’t work on my windows 7 64
    only black window in which no icon and no shortcut will working
    only I can open task manager

  47. i have installed this on my pc runing win 8 64 bit, it works perfectly except it hasent change the appearance of windows ( dialog box). pelp me plz

        1. Screen all black, nothing works except task manager. Running explorer.exe says the version is invalid or something like that. Same for every other program… Help please. Computes is as useless as a nightlight.

    1. when i installed it i get many errors i have win7 64x …. after i restarted the pc nothing changed ????? help please
      sorry for bad englih i was in hurry !!! 😀

  48. When I shut down my computer I use the “shutoff” and I see that I can change skin on it and I really want to have the skin Leo but when I change and close the “shutoff” thing it goes back to normal Osx. How do I do if I want to have the Leo skin if I don’t want it to disappear?

  49. i have a question. before i shut down my pc i have made some settings but when i turn it on back it all goes back to normal settings. why

  50. The skin looks good, but I have a question, if I want to uninstall the older version and have my regular windows 7 stock, and then install the new version of IOS 7, how would I do that? I try to remove it from control panel but it did not work, infact it mess my computer up, it was all a blank screen, i did system restore to fix it. So how can i go back to normal without any problems?

      1. Hi skinpack I wan’t to let you know theres something wrong with my computer

        Themes installed (3) I reboot and the screen Is black..

        I got here bye one of my DLL fixers and I need a awnser its moms laptop and its broken I need this. I cant play ROBLOX or Minecraft make a uninstaller then contact me

  51. I’m having a problem when watching videos in full-screen. At the top of the screen you can still see the contour of the taskbar, even though it isn’t there. Any way to fix this?

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