Alienware Red Skin Pack

Transform Windows 7/8/8.1/10 to Alienware Red

Download Full version for $2.99

Download Lite version for free

Size: 25 MB |  Update: 10/14/2019 | Downloads: 10,000,000+

Best work on 100% scale and layout size, you need to set it from display setting, also for remove Windows Ribbons install Old New Explorer from here.

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| Malware/virus warning? Read the FAQ.


Windows 7\8.1\10 RS2\RS3\RS4\RS5\19H1|19H2|20H1|20H2  [X86_X64]

Alienware Red SkinPack for Android is here:

Download Android Version

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Alienware SkinPack Collections

Alienware SkinPack collections without ads for $9.99

on Win10 to remove 3D Objects folder, OneDrive and Quick access from This PC and Navigation Pane use Winaero Tweaker from here

Note: Please unistall old or other version of skin packs before install new one. if your theme not changed or its like classic windows you need to install uxtheme patcher from here and after restart select new theme from personalization.
Use it at your own risk!
You’re advised to Create a System Restore Point before installing skinpack.
If you have problem with install or uninstall skinpack, please check our help page.


  1. 100


    Hola al Principio me funciono todo bien , pero ahora 10 iconos no me funcionan, esos iconos estan instalados los programas.
    Pero me aparece que no estan instalados y Windows no los puede encontrar, Ayuda muchas Gracias!!

  2. 99


    Hola Excelente Skin hace 1 semana que lo estoy usando y no tengo ningun problema, O.S Windows 10 19H2
    Me encanto tu Trabajo Impresionante Segui asi y muchas gracias estoy muy agradecido gracias por compartir tu don y talento
    Gracias por tus Trabajos y los muchos skin desde Hace tiempo te sigo y los e utilizado en diferentes S.O windows 7,8.1
    Saludos desde Uruguay!!

  3. 98


    Can you please update this to the latest version of windows its been over a year since you have updated this theme!

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  5. 97


    Is this working for Win 10 Creators Update?
    I had this Pack installed in Win 10. After the Update to Creators Update all icons are windows standard. I downloded this pack, but the installer says “Please connect to the Internet”.
    It’s a bit weird, because i am connected. ^^

    (Sorry when my english is not correct, it’s not my spoken languange.)

    1. 97.1


      Solved. My Firewall blocked the connection.

  6. 96


    Right after a fresh install of Windows Home Premium and all the drivers for the M18x R1…I installed the Red Skin Pack, rebooted and got a “Boot Manager is corrupt” message. I bought this from someone else and it ran fine with the Red Skin Pack and same OS. No boot manager issues or any issue at all. However I did not install the “Alienware M18x BIOS, A04” file from the Dell website assuming this has been done and why take an unnecessary risk executing this file…Should I run this file before installing the Red Skin Pack or any skin pack/theme for that matter? Thanks for any help. I don’t wanna keep reinstalling Windows 7.

    1. 96.1


      Solved: I located the bootmgr.ini file that was changed to “bootmgr.~” after installing the Red Skin Pack from another source (not from this site) and renamed it to “bootmgr.ini” as it should have been unchanged. I used WinPE 7 to browse thr C drive. Works perfect now.

  7. 95


    Are you people going to make it for Windows 10 ??

  8. 94


    For Windows 8 users having trouble with window text being too dark – try this

    Go to start, search for ‘regedit” Run as Admin. In the left panel, navigate to CONTROL PANEL then click on COLORS. On the right on the bottom, go to Window, right click and select MODIFY. Change to “38 38 38”. Do this again for Window Frame, change to “88 88 88”. One more time with WindowText, change colors to “166 166 166”.

    These are not set in stone, you can change the colors to your liking but these settings work for me. Exit, and next time you sign in to Windows the colors will take effect.

    Great theme, been using it for a while now without any problems. Just make sure you install carefully, you don’t want to install all the extra crap.

    Oh yeah, For VLC users, grab the Alienware Darkstar skin. It goes well with this.

    1. 94.1


      after installing this, icon packs goes well but the background of my explorer is still white lol. When you said “window frame” do you mean, the default white background of the explorer?

      1. 94.1.1


        you need to install uxtheme patcher first

  9. 93

    milan ran

    Can u help me how to download these themes..?

  10. 92

    Random Dude

    Love this theme 😀 Running it on Win7, is it possible to change the start menu to Start Menu X? I’ve had a play but no luck, just seems to change back and forth :/

  11. 91


    my dock is not working, when i start the computer it says alien dock has been encountered problem and the tabs as i saw in the video is not there pls fix it.

  12. 90


    while running setup it is asking password ??
    what to do ???

  13. 89


    Please fix for newer versions of windows 10 64bit, only the background and icons and cursor work!

    1. 89.1


      Lol fixed it ;D must use ultrauxpatcher and uxstyle, and only install the theme and icons. doesnt work with this patcher

      1. 89.1.1


        Hi What do you mean by ultrauxpatcher and uxstyle? where I can get them?

      2. 89.1.2


        Only the cursor and background is working to me

  14. 88


    How do I uninstall this? It’s not showing under Uninstall Programs.

  15. 87


    I need help here.I downloaded the skins.And they show the bottom color bar.They also dont have the back bar.In the fancy way as it says,At the start yestrday it was like that now it fanished? Anyone help/

    1. 87.1


      For me, the problem is that in most windows (like file explorer) the background color stays white even if font color and icons change, background doesn’t change. Please help!

  16. 86


    “Downloads: 10,000,000+”
    yeah dude, sounds totally legit….I’m SURE over 10 million people have downloaded this! Doesn’t sound sketchy at all!

  17. 85


    great work guys, i love the theme many thanks for your effort.
    can you make a update possibility because sometimes important text information can`t be shown because the letters are shown in black like the background

  18. 84


    hey how can i re install it ? HELP i dont want the dock i want to remove but how ?

    1. 84.1


      When installing the skinpack you should be about to see the options on removing the dock I believe the dock is called rocketdock and if its not there try to provide a screenshot. Have a nice new years

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  22. 83

    cape town airport

    hi, will this theme also change the boot up animation?

    1. 83.1

      marlin fishing kzn

      no it wont, it affects the icons and toolbars, mouse cursor

  23. 82

    Mohit Nobio

    Alienware Is Awesome

  24. 81

    Pong Pong Pagong (@BerniEngineer)

    why does when Im opening it? the type become EX_File? and everytime I click it, It just bring me to the UxThemePatcher?

    1. 81.1


      You’ve got to change the “.ex_” to “.exe”. I hope this helps.

  25. 80


    Loved ua skinpacks they are all so fantastic hope u create some new ones with more colours very soon.. great job..


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