Add custom effect to global system title bar, support win10 and win11.


  • Adds a custom effect to the global system title bar.
  • Customizable global blur radius or title bar blur radius only.
  • Customizable title bar blend colors.
  • Customizable title bar text color.
  • Aero reflections and parallax effects can be added.
  • Restore Win7 style title bar button height.
  • Support to enable blur effect for programs using old win7 API DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow.
  • Support Blur, Aero, Acrylic, Mica (Win11 only) effects.
  • Individually customizable Light/Dark Color Mode Color Automatic switching.
  • CustomBlur, AccentBlur and SystemBackdrop blurring methods are available.
  • Third-party theme support.




Supported as low as Windows 10 2004 and as high as the latest version of Windows 11 (Some blurring methods are not supported in the preview version).

Can be used with third party themes to further customize DWM.

We do not modify the rendering logic of the application itself, which is completely different from the logic of MicaForEveryone and therefore maximizes compatibility with third-party programs.

We reverse-analyze the dwm and code a custom blur method to bring stunning visual effects, but if you choose the “SystemBackdrop” blur method, it uses the system’s publicly available interfaces and has the same effect as MicaForEveryone.

Not recommended for use with MicaForEveryone, we do not guarantee compatibility with it.

Compatible with ExplorerBlurMica, works better together.

Compatible with TranslucentFlyouts. (It should be noted that even though this project is compatible with TF, EBMv2 is not fully compatible with TFv2)


Windows 11





Enable “Override DWMAPI mica effect (win11)”



Windows 10





Using third-party themes

Enable “Extend effects to borders (win10)”

Enable “Aero reflection effect (win10)”

Enable “Reduce title bar button height (win7 style)”



Material Effects


Basic pure blur. Nothing special.




Windows 7’s glass effect, with saturation and exposure effects on the background when it loses focus.






The acrylic recipe: background, blur, exclusion blend, saturation, color/tint overlay, noise




The mica recipe: blurred wallpaper, saturation, color/tint overlay




All of the above effects can be customized to blend colors.

MicaAlt is Mica with grayish tone, you can modify the blend color by yourself to get the MicaAlt effect.

How to use


  1. Download the compiled program archive from the Release page.
  2. Unzip it to a location such as “C:\Program Files”.
  3. Run the DWMBlurGlass.exe GUI program and click Install.



If the prompt “Installation was successful! But you have not yet downloaded a valid symbol file, please download it from the “Symbols” page before you can use it!” then you need to click on the Symbols page and click Download before you can use it.

Note that you may receive similar notifications in the future, especially after system updates.




  1. Run the DWMBlurGlass.exe GUI program and click Uninstall.
  2. Delete relevant files

Language files

We offer basic languages English and Simplified Chinese. If you would like to help us translate into other languages, please see below for language file formats.

  1. First, you need to fork this repository and clone it locally.
  2. Open the “Languagefiles” folder and select an existing language such as “en-US.xml” and make a copy.
  3. Rename the code to the name of the target language and open the xml file in your favorite text editor.
  4. In the second line, in the “local” field, change it to your target language code, which should be the same as the filename (without the .xml extension).
  5. You can put your name in the “author” field.
  6. Next, please translate the field values in the xml format (be careful not to translate the field names) The correct format is:Config to xxxx.
  7. Save your file when finished and copy it to the “data\lang” directory in the folder where the DWMBlurGlass.exe program is located.
  8. Next, open DWMBlurGlass.exe and test the language file to see if it works correctly. If it doesn’t, check the language code settings and check that the file conforms to the xml format specification.
  9. Finally, commit the file to your own forked repository and send pull requests to the main branch of the project.
  10. After the request is approved, your file will be released with a future software update.


Since the GUI program uses private libraries, only insiders can compile the GUI, which does not affect the compilation of the libraries.


KING ARTHUR Premium SkinPack for Windows 11

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    Different active/inactive colours were used for blending in Windows 7, but it was a really subtle difference.

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