Cybersecurity is the biggest thing for every business today to protect their crucial information from hackers. But do you know that even after investing in high-end cybersecurity tools, a cyber-attack is just an error away? These errors are generally done by humans. There are many security breaches connected with human errors. It is a great contributing factor in several cyber security breaches so far many years.

As per the survey of WEF, more than 90% of cyber security breaches are held due to human negligence. Sometimes people ignore some minor things like password changes, using unsafe browsing, etc. This leads to huge damage further. So, to avoid such things, users and working employees of an entity should be aware of security measures. This will help them avoid human mistakes.

In this article, you will come to know the most common human errors that lead to data or cybersecurity breaches everywhere.


Using Unauthorized Software

In case an employee working in any organization installs unauthorized software without having knowledge & taking the IT team’s consent. Then it can lead to cyber-attacks on the company’s IT infrastructure. Further, people can easily gain unauthorized access to company data.  Hence, this will put the company and its digital assets at risk.


Weak Passwords

Using simple and common/weak passwords like numbers, alphabets (1234, ABC, etc.), or common names and sharing them can lead to cyber-attack. This will also give permission to access personal data unofficially. So, password protection and encryption are very important.


Not updating software

If a company or individual doesn’t follow the software updates with time and neglects to update them. Then this will lead to a security breach from anywhere. The software updates contain several security patches to the existing ones.


Unethical management of sensitive data

If someone sends any sensitive information over an email, then it easily opens door to a security breach. It needs to be effectively verified before sending any data or information.


Opening unknown email links

You need to put attention while opening an email and its attachments or links with the improper domain. There can be errors like spelling mistakes or unknown language used, etc. If someone opens such a link, then the entire company can face phishing attacks.


Inefficient data access management

A data admin is a person who holds control over data access across the entity The access management prevents imposters with malicious content and ensures security at different access points. If the same is inefficient or managed ineffectively, then it can lead to unofficial access and data gaps. 


Moreover, using unknown or public wi-fi for surfing and browsing without a VPN also leads to security and data leaks. It can also impact if you add any insecure device like USB drives, SD Cards, etc. Cybersecurity can put limits on all these things.


To get rid of all these security breaches, you can set up a Cybersecurity Framework to control the cyber attacks.


How to prevent human error in Cyber Security?

We cannot control human errors at all times and make them correct. Therefore, here are 8 different types of best practices that work as preventive measures against Cyber-attacks. Following them can reduce the impact of human errors. These are highly suggestible to every business entity to follow and keep their data safe and secure. The below cybersecurity measures can help businesses to prevent a data damage. 


Employee Education

It is necessary for every organization to conduct Cybersecurity training at regular intervals. This will help employees gain knowledge of various types of threats and leave negligence.


Applying the “Zero Trust” Policy

This policy implementation ensures verifying and monitoring the system access or logging in every time. It will secure the enterprise and employee data.



It needs to implement a two-factor authentication system to strengthen password security. This is in practice now by many large-scale business entities. Also, it protects the data leaks from the user systems.


Updating Software

Perform regular software updates that come with new standards and provide highly improved security features. Updating software that every business use for its actions can give more strength. So, keep the software always up to date with every minor change. Also, Cybersecurity software needs a regular update to keep it strong and powerful.


Data Access Monitoring (DAM)

A company can execute the DAM process to observe the employee activities time-to-time. This will help to limit their access to other areas except for their core working areas.


Limit Access

Put restrictions on accessing data using tools like PAM and PIM. Here PAM stands for Privileged Access Management and PIM stands for Privileged Identity Management. These are the types of access and identity control tools to get data access.


Identifying Indicators

Always use the system monitoring and spying tools and techniques that help to locate possible Cybersecurity threats. The early detection of such threats will help to eliminate them. Also, it protects from outside threats that are unknown and can damage heavily.


Block to add devices

You can block the use of USB devices to secure the user’s connection from accidental malware attacks or system infections. This helps to protect users of the system from unknown software issues. 


So these are the most common best practices to prevent cybersecurity attacks. Getting these skills can enhance enterprise security and improve productivity. Also, businesses can prosper for a long time in the market.


Learn more insights on security measures and cyber threats from Cybersecurity Training in real-time through expert guidance.


Summing Up

Cyber threats are common nowadays due to the increased use of digital networks, devices, and huge amounts of data transfers. Without taking proper care about the system’s usage and its security, anyone can become a victim of a Cyber-attack. So, it is necessary to keep the security area up to date. It will reduce the amount of damage that can cause by an unknown event happening to the system. Moreover, employees working with sensitive data should undergo cyber security training to get more skills on threats.

Also, it will help to minimize the investment size on cyber security where companies invest highly.


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