Let the spiritual solution guide you to light, where a healthy and happy life awaits you. All-in-solutions healthcare group wants to see you happy and glowing from the inside. This organization came up with Faith based recovery program. It is a program meant for those who are dealing with drug addiction. All-in solutions have used this program for their opiate treatment centers too.

Here, all the clients get a chance to be a part of their unique Faith based recovery programTheir trust in a comprehensive treatment approach lies in multi-faceted spheres. This treatment has different components, which are:

  • Biological
  • Psychological
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Multiple pieces of evidence have suggested that spirituality plays a phenomenal role in encouraging permanent transformation that is helpful for long-term recovery. Long-term sobriety will take time but will not take too much of anyone’s life if everyone stays on the right track.

This organization can impart long-term sobriety because almost everyone beliefs in certain faiths. However, as per the website, they offer Faith based recovery program in Christianity. If you want to know more about different faith-based programs, don’t forget to contact the helpline. Addiction treatment is possible and available for all.

Here, the Faith based recovery program works biblical narrative’s spiritual principles. All the clients are welcome to feel the transformation to a new strong personality with the help of Christ. The team that helps each patient recover consists of many experts from different fields to realize the end goal of an addiction-free life.

The team of experts for Faith based recovery programs has skilled clinicians, spiritual leaders, experienced support staff, and other members that focus on client recovery. The team of experts is dedicated to guiding its clients on developing resource networking in the community, and building a connection with the faith of their liking.


Meet the Christian Recovery Leadership

We are pleased to introduce you to Pastor Daniel Cornide, who leads the Faith based recovery program in this institution. He has double-digit experience in the ministry and is affiliated with various faith-based institutions. He is an experienced Christian professional, and so he strives to deliver spiritual transformation. It empowers clients to be hopeful, by exposing them to God’s grace, forgiveness, and tenderness.

He has a phenomenal role in encouraging Faith Based Recovery Program. He is also a member of The Avenue Church of Delray, and a part of the leadership team of Recovery Church Delray Beach. He believes that, with constant efforts, the clients can live a better story than what they are currently living in.

In this institution, the Faith Based Recovery Program (Outpatients) curriculum includes a range of evidence-based individual and group therapy topics meant to uplift clients, rejoin with the faith of their liking, and undergo a spiritual transformation. The clients also go through multiple sessions that are specially curated to restore their social skills, self-dependent living, and management skills. This initiative supports their ongoing efforts to improve psychological, social, physical, and spiritual health.

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Time to take your first step towards recovery!

Getting started is the most difficult part of any endeavor you pick. The same goes for addiction recovery too. Therefore, don’t let yourself be disheartened by failed attempts in the past and get yourself enrolled in a Faith Based Recovery Program. With the grace of God, you will pull yourself out of the misery in no time! To know more about the procedure, fill the form that asks for these details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

That’s it! Click the “Get Help” button, and the team of experts will reach out to you soon.

All faith-based addiction treatment options available at all-in-solutions

  • Day based outpatient treatment
  • Evening based outpatient care
  • One-to-one counseling
  • Family Counseling

Other in-house options are available too. To know more, do visit the program overview page, and treatment and substance abuse programs page. This will provide you with additional and alternative plans available with all-in-solutions.

What are the components of a faith-based program?

The de-addiction program cannot stand on just one pillar only. It will comprise many components to provide strong recovery. Here are some of these components:

  • Celebrating holiday events
  • Conducting regular spiritual mentoring
  • Engaging patients with local church services
  • Regular prayer and worship
  • Recovery church
  • Organizing spiritual events
  • Celebrating recovery
  • Bible Sessions
  • Engaging Community Service
  • Dedicated Care Team deployed all the time
  • Volunteer Opportunities are always provided

How do inpatient and Outpatient Christian Rehab work?

The faith-based alcohol rehab has shown strong recovery results. It helps patients work on their substance abuse by reintroducing their link between morals, behavioral teachings, and current lifestyle choices. All they need is a constant reminder of their huge devotion towards faith, which helps them come back to the right path.

These kinds of programs are administered and delivered by accomplished spiritual leaders, and often these counselors have their experience with recovery too. This helps them act both as an instructor and as a successful role model for their patients. It includes a support group of different like-minded people, mentors, and counselors that align with their values.

What’s the Christian recovery fellowship?

None of us would want to you relapse after or in-between treatment, but unfortunately, some of the patients go through this common symptom. The same case is with faith-based individuals too. Due to this reason, all-in-solutions provide regular support throughout the de-addiction cycle in the form of aftercare programs. These programs are meant to support and strengthen a recovered patient’s relationship with God and recovery.

Their relationship with you doesn’t stop with the completion of IOP, rather it is a long-term relationship. Another facility available here is alumni care with complete peer support service. After the patient completes the Christian de-addiction program, they can join a fellowship of alumni who keep seeking God and recover with the support of each other. They contribute to everyone’s recovery and become a build a community with a local place for worship. They all get friends for life as they went through tough times together.



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