Conducting business online sounds easy and convenient, but in a real sense, most businesses are struggling to cope with the dynamic technology involved in operating successfully. The biggest challenge, particularly for B2B sellers, is integrating all the solutions needed, especially when manufacturers want to sell directly to customers. 


But there is one big solution; B2B ecommerce websites that offer B2B solutions such as Virto Commerce are the answer. They are usually multi-vendor platforms that accommodate many businesses and give them a platform to sell products to multiple customers. These B2B ecommerce websites have many other features that make the running of B2Bs very easy. Here are all the important features to check. 


B2B Ecommerce Websites: Multi-Vendor Solutions


This is the main feature of the best B2B ecommerce websites. It means that the platform can accommodate numerous vendors by giving them user accounts. They also give them the right to create and manage other accounts for employees and customers. But the most important solution they offer is the ability to manage the products through editing rights. It is crucial to check what the account from your preferred ecommerce solution provider can achieve before using the platform.


Multi-Channel Selling Solutions


Taking control of sales in your business is crucial even when an ecommerce platform promises a thriving platform. Therefore, a multi-channel selling solution is important to enable you to sell products on other marketplaces and platforms such as social media. This will give you the power to look for other stores and sync your B2B while running only one catalog and inventory management platform. 


B2B Ecommerce Websites: Inventory Management Solutions


Keeping tabs on your inventory is very crucial. As a B2B, you should consider B2B ecommerce websites with a track record of reporting on inventory matters. Whether it uses an internal inventory management engine or a third-party solution, you should ensure it is effective and accurate. The solution is even better if it sends automated reports, reminders, and other notifications. 


Secure Payment Solutions and Data Management


One more feature to check before considering any B2B ecommerce website is the security measures for payment solutions and data management. All the customers are supposed to complete purchases through the marketplace checkout system, and they should be guaranteed secure payment solutions. Additionally, it is important to check the payment options and ensure there are a variety of choices. Consider B2B ecommerce websites with secure data management solutions, especially when you intend to keep customer data to help you customize their buying experience. 


Integration with Other Solutions


Most ASP.NET B2B ecommerce websites integrate with Microsoft and Azure solutions very well. Generally, any platform should work with such solutions to make operations easier and more effective. It is prudent to check the available integrations and confirm whether you will need them or not. Fortunately, these websites integrate with useful solutions that will go a long way in helping users. 


For more information on other features to check, browse the web and visit known B2B ecommerce platforms. With detailed research, you will get a lot of great information. It is also best if you could consult a professional to guide you on more features that will help a B2B business. 



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