Have you ever tried to buy or sell a motor vehicle? If yes, you must have heard about the bill of sale. This document is one of the most important ones for dealing with a used motor vehicle. On this page, we will share how you can create a bill of sale without involving any lawyer to deal with a motor vehicle. 


The important thing is that the document is the only proof of a valid transaction after making a payment. As soon as the full payment is paid, the owner is entitled to get a bill of sale to show as proof of payment. 


Another thing to note is that the vehicle must be sold in the current situation, and all the inspections must be done before getting the vehicle. Therefore, the document is to be produced to complete the transaction.


How to Generate a Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle 


Generating a bill of sale requires you to find a compatible Bill of Sale Template. You can easily customize the template to enter all the information you want. We recommend this method as it provides the most convenient way to generate a bill of sale for you.


Now all you need is a platform where you can generate this form.


What is CocoDoc?


CocoDoc is an online service that lets you edit any PDF form without knowing anything about editing tools. Thus, you do not need to worry about drafting a template for the job. It also offers hundreds of bill of sale templates to help you out.


Here are the easy steps that will help you generate a bill of sale online:


Step1: Choose the Template


The first step is to choose the template of Bill of Sale that you want to use. For that, you can know about a bill of sale template here. All you need is to go through these forms and find the one with all the terms and conditions you are looking for. After choosing the form, you can proceed to edit or customize it.


Step2: Edit the Template


Now you can enter the details like names of both parties, sales date, price, and other important details. The best part is that you can enter all this information without any limitations. Every part of the form is customizable, and you do not need to worry about entering information here. It is important to note that the document requires the valid signature of both the parties to work. Follow the next step to learn how you can get someone’s signature digitally.


Step3: Embed Signatures


The website provides an easy method that lets you add the signature of both parties to the document. If the other party is also available at the spot, you can easily get the signature by uploading them on the document. Alternatively, if you want to get signatures from someone online, you can send it to someone through email after signing it yourself.


All you need is to enter the person’s email address, and they will get a link to upload their signature on the document. 


With this method, you can easily get all the signatures you want.  


Tip: To get specific templates, you can choose the state where you live and find the easy templates to get the work done. 


Things to Consider While Drafting a Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle


Here are a few things that you must consider while drafting a bill of sale for motor vehicle:


Warranty of the Vehicle


If you are purchasing a new bike, you must know about the warranty given by the seller. On the other hand, buying a used vehicle may or may not have any warranty left. That is why it is important to mention the vehicle’s warranty on the bill of sale for motor vehicles. 


You can check any template to find a separate section to enter this information. 


Current Condition of the Vehicle


When you buy a new vehicle, you usually get a good bill of sale and all the important documents you need. However, when someone trades a used vehicle, they must provide the vehicle’s condition in the bill of sale. If you are on the buying side, we recommend you check the vehicle’s current condition and match it with the provided details. 




It is important to know the liabilities associated with a motor vehicle before buying it. That is why we recommend mentioning all the liabilities on the bill of sale if you are selling it. On the other hand, the person on the receiving hand must read the liabilities to make the deal accordingly.


In some states, it is important to mention these details as selling someone a vehicle without providing complete details is a fraudulent activity.


How to Choose the Right Template for Bill of Sale?


If you are looking for the right template to generate a bill of sale, you must consider a few things. The first thing is to choose the state where the person lives. It is because there are different templates for each state following its law.


After that, you can explore the categories to find the template type you want. All these templates are designed accordingly. That is why we recommend you go through the templates before drafting one on your own.


Final Words


A bill of sale is the first part of a paper transaction. Thus, it is important to draft the right bill of sale as you need to provide all the information. All you need is to find the right template and personalize it according to your requirements.


If you are looking specifically for motor vehicles, you can check our category for the bill of sales for vehicles. It will help you get the perfect bill of sale for your motor vehicle. 



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