Do you want new Rocketdock in your desktop? Here is the new Rocketdock for all users. This is realy awsome Rocketdock, enjoy it and have fun!



Note : First it is recommended you make a System Restore point before continuing.

How To Use:

1- Download and unpack the file archive using 7zip.

2- For using this Rocketdock first you need to Rocketdock from here : ​Rocketdock

3- Move the skin to the following path: C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Skins. The full path depends on where the program was installed. The skin folder should contain the *.ini and separator.png files.

4- Launch RocketDock, then right-click on the panel. Select “Panel Setup” from the context menu.

5- Go to the “Style” tab and select the installed theme from the drop-down list. Other appearance options are also available in the same window.

6- Click “OK” to save your changes.



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