Google is updating the working location feature in its Calendar app. The feature now lets you specify your physical location for specific portions of the day. According to the company, this change can be helpful for users who work in a hybrid environment and may change their location multiple times throughout the day.

For instance, you may plan to work from home in the morning on a given day and join the office after lunch. You can specify those hours in the Google Calendar app so your teammates can know about your availability. Google said the new update is also available to people who have delegate access and manage the Calender of others.

The ability to add working location and timing to Google Calendar was introduced back in 2021 and various improvements to the feature have been made since then. Earlier this year, Google allowed developers to read working location data using the Calendar API and get notified when those working locations change. The beta functionality is expected to become available sometime in the third quarter.

You can set your default working location for one or all days of the week by clicking on the gear icon in the Calendar app. Go to Settings and click on the ‘Working hours & location’ option in the left pane.

To add working locations for specific parts of the day, click on an empty space to create a new event. Next, click on the Working location option at the top of the event card and choose the date, time, and location you want to pick.



Google has started the rollout of the updated working location feature and it might take up to two weeks to finish. It is available to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Nonprofits.

Apart from that, the search giant also announced that the client-side encryption for Google Calendar mobile is now generally available. The feature, which was previously in beta, is now available to users of eligible Workspace editions, including Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education Plus.


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