Google has announced that it’s launching a completely refreshed Fitbit app this fall (that’s autumn for our U.K. readers). The app has been simplified down to just three tabs that attempt to give you a ‘holistic’ view of your health.

The new tabs are called Today, Coach, and You. Together they allow you to check your daily goals and metrics, find inspiration and guidance, and get personal details on all of your achievements and progress.

Explaining each of the tabs and what they do, Google said:

Today: In the refreshed ‘Today’ tab, you’ll see your top stats at a glance. Easily customize which metrics you’ll view based on your personal goals — whether it’s to be more active, sleep better or manage your stress. Better visualize your progress over the past day, month or year with more consistent charts, graphics and icons that show your health trends.

Coach: Head to the new ‘Coach’ tab to find motivating health and fitness content. Here you can browse through a curated list of workouts and mindfulness sessions. Plus, your Fitbit Premium subscription2 unlocks even more content, like HIIT and dance cardio classes. Whether you’re looking to stay fit, eat healthier or sleep better, you’ll be able to more easily find the content you’re looking for with new filters. For example, filter workouts based on how much time you have and what equipment you want to use to find the perfect session.

You: On the new ‘You’ tab, you can adjust personal details and goals, manage community connections and track achievements with redesigned badges. Navigate here to reflect on your progress, access assessments and reports, and connect with the people who matter to you most.

Through the refresh, Google has tried to make it easier to log information such as steps and water intake, even without a Fitbit device. The app now gives you an accurate step count and a live view of your route on the map.

The company also said that the app gives users unified privacy controls to manage their Fitbit data and permissions. Google also promised that it won’t be using your Fitbit health and wellness data for Google ads and that they’ll be kept separate from Google ads data.

Google said it’s inviting some people to join a limited beta before it releases the update for everyone in several months.

Source: Google


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