Google’s video calling service Google Meet has received 1080p video calling support for group calls. If you have a supported webcam installed on your computer, you can bump the resolution to full HD. The feature has already been available for Google Meet one-to-one video calls since April this year.

The company is trying to save bandwidth by keeping the 1080p support disabled by default. However, Google Meet will prompt users with supported hardware to enable the higher resolution before starting a meeting.

Another bandwidth-saving measure is Google Meet will only render 1080p feed to the users who have pinned “the 1080p-enabled user on a screen large enough to render the 1080p video feed,” Google said in a blog post. Furthermore, Google Meet will automatically adjust the resolution if the connection becomes slow.

Google Meet’s full HD video calling support for group calls is now available for various Workspace editions. The list includes Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Workspace Individual subscribers.

However, the support for 1080p resolution is not available to users with personal Google accounts. On supported editions, you can change your send resolution in Google Meet by going to Settings > Video. It should be noted that while select Workspace editions can send 1080p feed, anyone with a compatible device 1080p video, according to Google.

Apart from that, the search giant also announced a new feature for Google Meet hardware. Users can now book an available conference room directly from the Meet hardware. They can book a room for 30 or 60 minutes and cancel an in-room booking from the device as well.

In recent Workspace news, Google Sheets has added support for emoji reactions on the likes of Docs and Gmail. Speaking of Gmail, its client-side encryption was expanded to Android and iOS devices. Google Drive now comes with a new tab that puts all of your recent activity and file permission into one place.


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