Google has outlined several ways that it has improved its Chrome browser on mobile. They include search suggestions related to the current page, trending topics, related searches in Touch to Search, and more search suggestions when typing in the URL bar.

The search giant explained each of the features in the following ways:

Get ideas for your next search

When you’re on an eligible site in Chrome on iOS or Android and click on the Chrome address bar, you’ll now see relevant search suggestions. Let’s say you’re reading an article about Japan as you plan for an upcoming trip. When you click on the address bar, you’ll see a new section labeled “Related to this page” with suggestions for other searches — like local restaurants or tourist attractions in Japan.

See what’s trending

In Chrome on Android, you can now see trending Google searches directly in the Chrome address bar. Just open a new tab, tap the address bar and scroll down to see what’s trending. You can also click on a trending search to see search results for that topic and learn more about it. This feature is coming to Chrome on iOS later this year.

Find related searches in Touch to Search

A few years ago we introduced Touch to Search on Android so you could quickly search a word or phrase directly from a webpage. Now, you can find related searches using Touch to Search, too. Say you’re reading an article and you come across a topic you want to learn more about. Using Touch to Search, you’ll now see a carousel of related searches so you can quickly find more information about it. Learn how to enable Touch to Search on Android.

Get more suggestions when you search

When you start typing in the Chrome address bar on your phone, you’ll now see 10 (instead of six) suggestions to help guide your search. The most relevant suggestions will appear first, and you can access more options by scrolling. Already available on Android, this feature has now rolled out to iOS users.

As you can see, all of these changes have already landed in Chrome for Android but a few of them still need to be released on the iOS version. Judging by the language, iOS users should reach feature parity by the end of the year.

Google recently released Chrome 115 for supported platforms. However, the ‘What’s new’ page accessible in Chrome’s menu under Help doesn’t seem to show much in the way of new changes that landed with the release.

What do you think of these changes? Have you noticed them already?

Source: Google


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