Developer 343 Industries is getting ready to launch the latest free content drop update for its Xbox and PC sci-fi shooter Halo Infinite. Season 5: Reckoning is scheduled to become available next week on October 17.

The Halo Waypoint site has the first official info on what Season 5 will bring, and there’s also a new trailer that shows off brief peaks at the content of Reckoning.

One of the big additions is a new version of the Extraction mode that was first introduced in Halo 4 a number of years ago. In that version of the mode, two teams of five players each have to extract items from certain points on the map while also defending those points from the opposing team who might try to take the extracted item for themselves. There’s no word on how this mode will work in Halo Infinite.

Also coming as part of Season 5 are two new multiplayer maps. One is a cave filled with crystals called Prism, while the other new map, Forbidden, is set in a ruined stoned fortress.

Halo Infinite will also add a new feature to its Forge map editor. Users will be able to place AI enemies in maps for the first time so that players can get a PvE experience.

You can also expect some new player customization features, including some new Flood-inspired options for your character, along with a way to equip any of the game’s helmets from all the Armor Cores.

While it won’t be added on October 17, another feature that will be included as part of Season 5 is the new Firefight King of the Hill gameplay mode.

Halo Infinite is available for the PC on Steam and the Microsoft Store, along with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. It is also available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no additional cost.


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