For installing SkinPack first you need to extract zip file and then run "setup.cmd" or rename "setup.ex_" to "setup.exe" and run it.
NOTE: Skin Packs installer have easy and safe install option , Please unistall old or other version of skin packs before install new or other version. Before install close all runnig program.
install skin pack one by one its mean you need to unistall a skin pack and restart your pc then install new one so if you install some skin pack in one time you need to unistall last installed skin pack and restart your pc then unistall another one.
First at all you need to have aero effect to use skin pack so if you use windows 7 starter or home basic you need to patch aero to unlock aero effect from here
if your windows 7 not starter or home basic and you dont have aero effect you need to upgrade your graphic driver to enable aero effect.
1. after download a skin pack run it as administrator and click on next button.

2. read the license agreement and if you not have problem with this check i accept box and click on next button.

3. in this part select whats you want to install then click install button , in this part your explorer will be closed.
(Note1 : in some skin pack we are add an option to change bootscreen its not work in all system and windows cant start again but you can unistall bootscreen from safe mode to start windows again so dont worry , if you dont want to risk uncheck this option, and if you want to change bootscreen by your self use this tools
Note2 : also in some of skin pack we are add shell32.dll ,this file have some problem with sound in some system ,so if you dont want to risk ,uncheck this file in DLL part ,if you install this file and your sound not worked ,just unistall it from unistaller option.
Note3 : if you patch your uxtheme or use uxstyle before dont check the uxtheme part.
Note4 : dont uncheck refresh icon , it will be refresh your system icon cache after restart if you uncheck this option your icons not change to new style.)

4. after complete install click on next button.

5. now click in finish button , your system will be restarted for make change in your windows.

after restart if you see your system not started its problem with your antivirus so run safe mode and run installer again.
if your system not show the bootscreen after restart , your windows not support to change bootscreen so restart your pc and push F8 then run safe mode and unistall bootscreen from unistaller option in here: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
If your windows not login after doing all of this option , your windows not support to any change in your system, this problem maybe from your antivirus protection so run safe mode again and unistall skin pack from here: Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.
After login if you see your icons not change to new style you need to refresh icon cache form here
Note: after run refresh icon your explorer will be closed and you need to logoff your windows with Alt+Ctrl+Delete Buttons.
Note: if your theme not changed or its like classic windows you need to install uxtheme patcher from here and after restart select new theme from personalization.
Note: its better to disable antivirus when you running installer.

you can watch video about how to install and unistall a skin pack here


How to Download SkinPack
How to Repair SkinPack

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    Can we install 2 skin packs without installing 1st skin pack

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    I have been getting multiple errors saying ” Error opening file for wirting”

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