We have seen the introduction of various types of technology over the years that has had a positive impact on mobile gaming. You only have to look at some of the new online casinos to quickly understand what can be achieved in terms of mobile gaming. Whether it be the huge choice of games, the fact it is possible to play games with a real dealer, the selection of payment methods or simply the fact you can enjoy playing games, wherever you are, mobile gaming has transformed our lives.

However, we are about to witness one of the biggest changes in the history of mobile gaming and that is the introduction of 5G. Before we discuss the impact 5G will have on mobile gaming, let us take a closer look at what 5G is and how it works.

Basically, 5G is the new generation of wireless technology, following on from 3G and 4G. Going back to the introduction of 3G, this saw the development of smartphones whereas 4G introduced faster browsing. In comparison to 4G, the 5G network is going to provide much faster speeds than we have ever witnessed before and in the United Kingdom, four major UK mobile networks have launched 5G services to the public. In addition to extremely fast speeds, 5G will provide greater capacity and that means more devices will be able to connect to high speed internet at the same time, without having a negative effect on the connection.

We will also see a reduction in latency and if you have ever played mobile games online, you will know how frustrating it can be if latency is high. When playing live mobile games, high latency means the time it takes for your device to perform the action and for that action to happen in the game is longer than it should be for the game to play smoothly. However, 5G is going to put an end to high latency. That means mobile gamers will no longer have to worry about delays that occur when games can take time to respond to the actions completed on a controller. Everything you do when playing a live mobile game, such as shooting in a football game or placing a bet during a game of blackjack, will happen instantly when using a 5G network.

This is an extremely important factor, especially when it comes to competitive mobile gaming. Even a difference of 15 milliseconds per action, over the course of a whole game, can make a huge difference. In many ways, the introduction of 5G to mobile gaming will make the competitive gaming industry more of a level playing field, with low latency being enjoyed by every player.

Think about what it is like playing mobile games now using 4G and imagine what it will be like playing the game with an internet connection that is not just twice as fast but 20 times as fast. That is exactly what you will be getting when using 5G to play mobile games. As mobile phones and tablets have improved, so the quality of the games available have become more enhanced, with grater depth, gameplay, sound, and graphics. However, to play these games, you must download and install them on your mobile device and many of the latest, high quality mobile games, are massive. Using a standard 4G network means it can take a long time to download and install the latest mobile games but when using 5G, the download speeds are incredibly fast. You can download the same game 20 times over using 5G in comparison to 4G. In other words, it is possible to download close to 20 different games when using a 5G network at the same time it would take to download just one game on a 4G network, which is incredible.

It seems as though virtual reality gaming has been with us for a long time but has yet to reach the heights we have been expecting. The introduction of 5G could see new levels of virtual reality mobile gaming, allowing game graphics to be seamless and producing a higher resolution than ever before. One of the ways in which 5G will have a positive impact on mobile gaming is reducing the need to have headsets, such as VR headsets, connected to a device using a cord, thus reducing the processing required when playing a game.

The quality of live streaming will also improve greatly due to the 5G network. When playing live casino games using a mobile device, the footage you are seeing on the screen during a game of roulette is being streamed live from a casino room. This could be located somewhere on the opposite side of the world and using 4G, the quality and smoothness of the stream could be lacking. Thanks to 5G, the stream will be perfect, even when using a mobile phone or tablet.




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