Content is a fundamental aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). In the entire history of digital marketing, content is the most discussed topic. There has always been a heated debate about the definition of good content. However, one thing that has remained the same throughout the discussions is the search engines; especially Google does not like duplicate content. Several studies indicate duplicate content has a serious effect on the ranking of a website.

Do you know that even stock images are subject to duplication because they are used across different sites and can have an adverse impact on your site’s ranking? However, you can deal with the duplication of visual content by using search by image online utility. The tool will assist you in finding whether the static visual content you intend to use is replicated or not. Google does not tolerate duplicate content in any way around. Even the slightest duplication can manifest itself in minor or major loss of search engine ranking.

Ecommerce websites are the ones that are most affected by duplication of content. Content is gaining a more central stage for Google’s ranking, and links are becoming less important with the passage of time. Therefore, the search by image utility becomes indispensable for tracking that the content you are about to publish is free from replication.

Why is Originality of Content Important?

Unique and original content surely manifests the core ideas and thought processes deployed behind the creation of content. Many entrepreneurs and digital marketers often go for stock images; they are undoubtedly great but lack emotions. They are often considered to be impersonal and soulless. Stock images are also quite easily recognizable, and with that, they slightly damage your brand image. If you are using stock photos in abundance, the users will perceive apathy, lack of creative thought process, and imagination. To ensure that the content you are using is replicated from any other source, you can use a search by image utility, that will let you either your image is duplicate or if it is being used already somewhere on the internet. To use the image search tool, you can open in your browser and upload your image to search for duplicate images over the internet without facing any hassles. After that, the utility will fetch all the relevant image results from three main databases Google, Bing, and Yandex, and provide results in a couple of seconds. Moreover, with the help of the reverse picture search utility, you can also discover your stolen images on the internet instantly.

What Is Google’s Position on Duplicate Content?

Google works in a way that it fetches search results that match the user’s instincts. The search engine only generates results that are intended to satisfy the search query from the user’s end. The tech giant is always working on different methodologies to only rank content which is unique and does not contain any instances of duplication. Duplicate content has a negative effect on the audience’s consciousness; for that reason, the search engines have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarized content, be it textual or visual. Once they come to know that a site is publishing duplicate content, they omit it from the search engine result page. Google’s primary focus is to search for content that is unique and distinctive. Therefore, creating high-quality visual content should be your top priority. You can use a search by image online tool to get creative and innovative ideas. The reverse picture search tool will fetch results against your generated query to give ideas on how your competitors are creating content to satisfy their marketing needs.

How Search Engines Detect Similarity Between Images?

Many people often ask, how can Google detect similarity between two different images. If you think from that perspective, you need to know it would be out of the equation. The search engine has a search by image facility that is utilized to instantly track down the authenticity of the content. If you violate copyright laws by using an image, which falls under intellectual property rights, then there’s no way to escape from being penalized. Therefore, always bear in mind that you need to upload it to the search by image utility before using an image to ensure that it is not replicated from any other source. If you always check the duplication in textual content through a plagiarism checker, then there’s also a need to authenticate the originality of visual content through an image search engine.

Final Words:

Now, it is for sure that if you want to get your website rank on the search engine result page, then there’s no room for duplication of content at all. You would have to ensure that the visual content that you want to publish must be free from duplication; for that reason, you can use a search by online image tool. Original and unique content is the key to get rank at the top place on the search engine result page (SERP).

In the last analysis, no matter how many advancements occur in the SEO domain, one thing will remain the same: the originality of content, be it visual or textual. Search engines will always rank pages that have value for the user and contain unique content. Therefore, the usage of search by image tool to find similar reverse photos for detecting duplication is the way to move ahead.






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