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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought numerous changes in our lives. Staying at home and doing most of the things including work, school, shopping, and entertainment remotely has led to increased online dependency for most people around the world.


The problem is that many businesses and individuals are doing very little to ensure their cybersecurity is up to date. As a result, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the change in habits and the fear brought about by the pandemic to launch as many attacks as possible.  According to INTERPOL reports, there has been an increase in malware and other attacks since the onset of the coronavirus disease. Businesses use things like active directory management to keep data safe, but individuals don’t have access to tools like this.


Individuals and companies need to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from malware, especially during these trying times.


Ways to Increase Protection Against Malware Infections


It’s clear that hackers are becoming cleverer in their attacks and even using Covid-themed malware to target more work-from-home individuals. No need to fret though as you can easily defend against malware with some basic and necessary precautions as outlined below:


  1. Install Antivirus


Reliable antivirus software is the first line of defense for malware and other threat actors on your system. What antivirus programs do is that they regularly inspect the files on your device to identify and erase malicious programs. A good antivirus will defend you against lingering, yet vicious dangers such as viruses and Trojans.


  1. Use a Firewall

By configuring a firewall on your computer, you will not only be able to block malware but also other dangers before they can cause havoc to your system. A great firewall can halt any malware attacks or venomous websites from ambushing your device or transmitting your data.


Other Effective Ways to Boost Cybersecurity


  1. Ensure your System is Up to date


The first step to cybersecurity is to ensure your software is always up to date. Malware is continuously evolving and becoming more adaptable. So, ensure you keep your browsers, operating system, plug-ins, and applications (including antivirus) up to date to remain protected.


  1. Use A VPN


A Virtual Private Network is a security tool that protects your network from venomous threat actors hiding on the web, especially when using free public Wi-Fi networks. The app ensures your privacy by creating a private tunnel for your traffic. Also, a well-configured VPN can be used as a firewall.



Malware is dangerous and can cause havoc in your system if it goes undetected. Now more than ever malware infections are on the rise as cybercriminals take advantage of the many people working from home to launch their attacks. Both individuals and businesses need to take proactive measures to secure their devices and keep them safe from malware and other threats.



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  1. Davorin August 16, 2022 at 1:31 pm - Reply

    LOL my av detects your skinpacks as malware!

    • skinpack August 16, 2022 at 4:16 pm - Reply

      Anti Virus apps cannot correctly distinguish between apps that modify Windows system files with the user’s consent and apps that maliciously modify the files, so disable your antivirus or windows defender temporarily when you want to download and install skinpack.

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