Choosing the packaging in which we are going to transport our products is one of the most important issues to guarantee the success of the delivery, especially if we are talking about export. Keep in mind that there are situations that you will not be able to control, such as the treatment that the merchandise will receive and the details that are presented on the way, and it is here, precisely, where a high-quality cardboard packaging becomes relevant.

Therefore, below, we will tell you five aspects that you should consider when making your choice of packaging. Let’s get started!

  1. Analyze the requirements of the merchandise

It is important to ensure, above all, that the product you are going to protect reaches its destination in the best conditions. That is why before packing, you must analyze variables such as the material with which it is made, even if it needs to be refrigerated, as is the case with some foods. But whatever type of packaging you choose, buying the best packaging products is a must. We recommend BlueRose Packaging.

  1. The means of transport that you will use to take your product to the destination

Depending on this, the merchandise will surely be subjected to a series of blows, impacts, changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, among other variables that you must anticipate when packing. For example, if you are going to use maritime transport, keep in mind the ripples, impact by the waves, change in temperatures, among other issues. If the cargo goes by plane, the height and atmospheric pressure, in addition to the hustle and bustle in the process, are variables that you should consider. Similarly, if the route is by road, vibrations and sudden movements are usually part of the route.

  1. Packaging material

Analyzing what the packaging is made of is of the utmost importance and a guarantee that your merchandise will be well protected. Keep in mind, again, the characteristics of the product to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Among the most used are:

  • Plastic: its plus is that it adapts easily to packaging shapes and is resistant to shocks. In addition, it is economical and has features such as thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Aluminum: it can be recycled and reused; it is also lightweight and waterproof. Protects products from external variables such as light and humidity. However, it tends to deform if it receives a blow and it tends to be more expensive than other materials.
  • Cardboard: it is 100% recyclable, being a global trend as it is friendly to the environment. Likewise, it has an affordable cost and is very resistant.
  1. An external design of the box according to the product and your brand

The packaging we choose to protect our products also says a lot about us. A thin material such as cardboard with an innovative design, friendly to the environment, will clearly make a difference.

On the other hand, it is very important to consider that your box explicitly has symbols that give signs of the correct handling or treatment of the product. In the same way, the logo or brand if it is the case. Remember that falling in love from the packaging is the secret to an excellent customer service experience. The are many custom boxes wholesale to choose from.

  1. Friendly with the environment: consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental value of the materials that are part of the product to be enjoyed or of the supply chain of the company from which they are buying. This is why it is important that when choosing the perfect packaging and packaging, you consider the material and the respective recycling, reuse or way of returning to the production cycle.


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